Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Recap

We had a really great weekend and it went by so fast... We started out the usual Friday with Evan going to school.  On Friday's his days are short, only 9-12 so I don't get a whole lot done while he is away.  Ryan and I ran to target and a few other stores before heading back to pick him up.  I told the boys we could do something fun and they picked going to Davis Farm.  

We love the farm for so many reason.  We are season pass holders and probably hit this place up at least a dozen times during the season.  They have animals, playgrounds, water area, interactive areas and so much more.  It is a really safe place where your kids can have a little freedom.

This was our first stop.  The fishing hole.  Evan wanted to spend the entire time here but Ryan was getting a little frustrated after a while for not being able to hook the fish we eventually moved on.

We went over to a play area where the kids could operate a hose for filling water buckets.  They then would take the buckets, grab a few paint brushes and paint some wooden building with water.  Ryan was a little small to push the lever but don't worry he figured out a way.  #wheretheresawilltheresaway

We went in to see the baby cows.  They were so cute and surprisingly cuddly.  This little guy right here was eating my shirt and licking me.  His tongue felt like sand paper.  I think he was hungry!

We pet the baby goats... and fed them some pellets.

There is a section of the farm called cuddle corner where the animals roam free.  This little guy jumped up on the chair with Evan and started eating his shorts.  They boys were dying with laughter. It was so cute.

Ryan saved Evan from the goat and was holding him.  A year ago you would not see Ry doing this.  He has been so afraid in the years past.  Now he is a regular farmer.

Later in the day we went back to feed the cow's their bottle.

We took a hay wagon ride through the open pastures and saw the big guys.  This guy here, his name is fluffernutter.  

Saturday morning we had soccer bright and early and then Evan had a little friend over.  There was a scary part on the show.  These boys are the best of friends.  They are so cute together.  

The funny thing is, I think they were watching a princess show :)

On Sunday we met the same friends and took a drive to the western part of the state for the Big E.  Matt and I have been going to this fair for years.  There is so much to see and so much to eat.  So much in fact it is known as the Big Eat.  I left feeling like a friend oreo.  

It was a little chaotic because it was so crowded but the boys had fun and it was a beautiful day.

My friend Lauren took the two older boys on the big kid ride.  They both loved it!  

Then to be fair these boys took Ryan on a little kid ride and around and around they went.

After the boats they rode the train.  

Later in the day after we stuffed our faces with food we climbed up the grand stand to watch the little pig races before hitting up the parade.   I didn't take a bunch of pictures because it was so crazy busy. I needed to be focused on where these boys were at all times.  We got home late Sunday night and everyone had a blast.

After the kids were in bed I made smoothies for the week and put them in bags.  Always trying to make my week a little bit easier. 

That was our weekend.  Just went by a little to fast!  Here we area already Tuesday.  I am dealing with rain here in New England.  So I am not exactly thrilled but we need it...

See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday where we will be answering these questions.

Have a great day!

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