Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Weekend Recap: Martha's Vineyard

Hi Tuesday!  I am going to tell you a little bit about our weekend on the Vineyard.  What a gorgeous weekend!  I seriously couldn't think of a better way to "end" our summer.  The weather lately has been absolutely beautiful.  The nights are cool and the mornings are brisk but the day time is just perfect.  We are in full back to school mode.  All of our new activities are starting up and Evan is adjusting well.  I am looking forward to settling into a routine this week.  

We had a low key Friday evening.... just staying home.  Early evening the boys were out riding their toys.  Evan was on his dirt bike, Ryan was on his four wheeler and Matt was mowing the lawn :)

The boys went to bed early and Matt and I binged watched Narcos.  We are just starting season 2 but we will put it on hold while Matt is at work (boo) but if you haven't seen it, you need to.   I packed Friday night and when I say packed, I mean I threw stuff in bags and called it good.

We woke up early morning to drive down the cape with hot coffee in hand... arriving at the marina- the boys couldn't contain their excitement.  

They jumped on our boat and immediately wanted to leave the dock.


We left the marina early Saturday morning.  The weather was beautiful.  The seas were so calm.

Matt put Evan on watch.  His job was to point out any lobster traps along the way.

We pulled into Oak Bluff's and immediately broke out the cheese and crackers.

That night we took the launch in to eat at the Lookout Tavern.  Evan made friends with the waitress who supplied him with endless trays of lemons.

After dinner we took a walk along the boardwalk checking out all the fisherman.

It was very sticky and humid but yet there was some chill in the air.

The boys had a ton of energy so we let them run the dock until they stopped for a rest... 

Evan was helping Ryan smile... Ryan said "cheeeeese for about 30 seconds straight"

Ryan spotted a really big boat!!!  Takes after his dad.

The next morning we took the boys to the famous Flying Carousal.  If you catch the brass ring you win a free ride.  We didn't catch the brass but we did go around several times trying!

We also walked the streets and did a little shopping.

We stopped at Backdoor Bakery for some treats... Evan spotted the m&m cookie and just had to have it.

Ryan stopped at every toy car and asked for two quarters... Thankfully Daddy planned ahead and had a pocketful.  Ryan rode about every car on the island twice.

We can't go to the island and not stop at Mad Martha's for ice cream.  

After lunch we took another boardwalk stroll.

These boys were having the best weekend!

One last time- Went back to the bakery for another hot treat before heading to the boat.

This was delicious and just for the record I did not eat it all.  

We took the launch back to the boat and got ready for the trip back home.

Matt cruised at a solid 5 knots -haha- home... so we enjoyed the ride. 

It was so relaxing and the seas were so flat that both boys fell asleep.

Matt put the boat on auto pilot and took Evan to the bow.  It was by far the best weekend.  Evan just had so much fun with Captain Daddy.

Ryan woke up from his nap a little grumpy but so snuggly.

The weather was so gorgeous.  I can't say it enough!

We passed Cleveland East Ledge light house.  The kids thought it was so cool.  

This was our view as we pulled into the channel.  How gorgeous is this?  Seriously!!!

Matt and I have seen many ocean sunsets... but this is by FAR one of the best we have ever seen.  

God is good! 

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  1. What a fun weekend! That sunset is so incredible and the boys look so happy in all the photos


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