Thursday, September 22, 2016

Small Project: Upstairs Bathroom Hutch

So a couple weeks ago I started a series called Small Project.  It is basically a small job in your home that you can tackle in under 30 minutes.  A little project that will make your little world a whole lot better and you can do it while your kids eat lunch.

So while my kids ate lunch, I tackled a small project.

I don't really talk much about our upstairs bathroom because we don't use it often.  We had water damage in this room and it was pretty bad.  We had a bad storm and a lot of the water saturated the walls and really ruined the progress we had started so we took some time off and were concentrating on other areas of the house.  So now the bathroom really just holds the sink/toilet and this black cabinet.  I use this cabinet as a catch all for my over flow of products and the kids medicine.  

There is a random hot mess of products.

This piece of furniture was one of my favorites when I had the primitive decor.  I love the distressed look and the shelves and cabinets it has.  It holds quite a bit plus allows you to display cute stuff on the open shelving. 

I went through all the products and decided to keep some of it and give my sister what I didn't want anymore.  I sometimes buy products upon recommendation from someone else but it doesn't always work for me so my sister gets to reap the benefit. 

I have random bubbles in the cabinet!  Wonder where those came from? (ahem, Ry)

I use old candle jar's with cute ribbon to store items like q-tips... how cute are these jars?

Oh Boy! this is a disaster.  I have so many kids meds piled in this one bin that doesn't even close very well.  The brown box you see to the right is a box of chapstick that Matt bought me two Christmas' ago.  It was filled with 50 individual blistex and I still had a few left in there.  

My mother in law gave me that star dome.  It is really cute.  You are supposed to put a candle in it.  I don't get to use it as much as would like but I should really buy a new candle for it.

OK, so first thing.  Take everything out of the cabinet.  Pile it all - and in my case, pile it in the sink.

I wiped everything down with furniture polish.  It was really easy to go through everything and remove what I didn't want.  After I wiped it all down I put back what I wanted to keep.  

It is always good to have two sets of face wash.  I keep one upstairs and one down.  I like to wash my face before bed and sometimes it is just easier to do that upstairs.

It took almost two years but I used most all of the chapstick that Matt got me.  I have two left.  The green container you see to the right holds all my nail polish.

The drop down shelf now holds my feminine products in my toiletry bag and extra toilet paper and lint rollers.  I got rid of so much stuff.  It is so nice now to open this shelf and not worry about the kids medicine falling out.  That now sits on a higher shelf away from little hands.  

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