Thursday, September 15, 2016

Life Lately

I have so much going on that I figured I would do a life lately post.  First let me start by saying I just LOVE September.  So far this month I can't complain.... the weather is just gorgeous this time of year.  We are starting our back to school routine which I am really excited about.  As much as I love summer and the freedom it brings... there is just something about routine and schedules that has me smiling with the heart eye emojis.

Have you ever just volunteered yourself so much that people assume your always available.... ha!  Hi- arm raised over here.  I really love being busy but lately with all the extra stuff I took on I am swimming a little in my own crazy.... so lets just jump right in, shall we!

We said HELLO to Daddy a month ago and we had a great time home....

Sadly, we just had to say goodbye - see ya in a month.  

Ryan is really practicing on the balance bike.  I think he is next in line for riding the dirt bike.  Hard work and determination pays off.... he has been getting so good.. 

We stopped by a fair local to us and they had baby chics.... Ryan wanted to hold all of them... and take them home.  He was so good with them, but he had a very firm grip!

My son is 4 and he is already mastering the burnout!!!  Let's also note that they were doing this in my garden.

Sooooo our well pump went.  One day we woke up to no water... we tried a few things before Matt said he was just going to replace the pump.  The boys went right to the garage and grabbed their shovels.  These two are always ready to work.

They were really dirty after this... I was really hoping that the pump would be fixed at the end of the day because these boys were going to need a shower.

Matt worked hard all day long!  

& by the end of the day.... we had water! YAY!  Matt worked really hard all day and it was so hot and humid out.  Not a great day to be down in a well.

The water needed a little bit of time to run clear and rid the lines of sediment and iron but I just was so thankful to have water.

The same evening the water pump was being replaced Evan had his first soccer practice.  It was very hectic and crazy but he had fun.  I am the soccer coach... and Evan is on my team... so you can imagine that makes for a some times challenging practice.  

He did great on his first day!  He really enjoys playing.

We also spent some time at the beach.  Even though we are back in school mode... we still are getting some hot weather!  & I am loving it.

Isn't Evan's chair adorable.  They are little alligators and it has his name on it.  He loves that it comes with a carrying case and he can carry it around. 

As I mentioned in my weekend recap we went to the Martha's Vineyard and had the best time.

He is always eating!!  This little guy is having a pulled pork sandwich while we watch the boats come into the harbor.

This was after dinner as we walked the boardwalk!  Love my crazy big boy!

AHHHHH first day of school.

Seriously, how cute is he.  The first school morning we had.... Evan was a perfect little angel.  He did everything I asked him to do with enthusiasm.  It made for a very easy care free morning. 

The only downfall was that Ry was ready for school to but we had to tell him he wasn't going... and that didn't go over so well.

The cutest thing is when you see the kids back packs bigger than they are.  

Evan picked his back pack out by himself... he loves the dinosaurs and the clip function of the lunch box.  I was so happy that Matt was home for his first day.  He was able to walk him in and pick him up to hear all about it!  We celebrated with some after school ice cream!

I stopped by a friends house for a coffee play date and ended up meeting a new friend.  I think he was a little camera shy because it was hard to get a picture of him.  How cool!  This surely has to be a sign of good luck.

& that is it my friends.  That has been our life lately.  Thanks for stopping in. 

Don't forget tomorrow is the Friday link up... come check me out and see what I got for the week.

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