Thursday, September 1, 2016

Life Lately

Evan got a dirt bike for this 4th birthday.... and he has been perfecting his skills every day.

He took riding on so easily.  He is a natural and I am one proud mama.

He already asked Daddy when his first race is.

The boys also had their yearly physicals this past week.  They both are doing awesome physically and developmentally.  I don't know any other kids who LOVE going to the doctor....

My kids just love it.

Evan had his 6month dentist appt.  No cavities!! :)

He loves going to the dentist as well.  He loves "Mr. Thirsty" the tool used to suck up the water from your mouth.... We can't leave without using Mr. Thirsty at least 30 times.

Ryan may not have had his teeth cleaned but he sure was right on top of picking out a treasure from the treasure chest.

We spent a few days at our beach... the kids were swimming and building sand castles.

We took the boys to the cabin for a little relaxation and boating.

This is our life lately.  
See you tomorrow!  Have a great day.

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