Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hitch Goals

It seems like only yesterday we were picking Daddy up at the airport to start celebrating summer but just a few days ago we actually said our goodbyes... and he is off for another hitch on the ship.  So with that comes routine, schedule, decluttering, organizing and cleaning.  WOOHOO!

My favorite type of routine.  I know most of you think I am crazy and honestly I probably am a little but I just love being able to get down and dirty and by dirty I mean clean!  I feel like this month was super crazy with all the summer traveling we did.  We were so busy (but in a good way) and now I am trying to get the kids back to sleep at a good normal bed time, I need to hit the gym harder, clean up my own act as far as eating and just settle down into a new time of year.  So many things have changed this month.. and it so happens that the change came with Matt leaving.. 

New school for Evan, new soccer season, new swim lesson started... We are just trying to figure out our routine and settle in for the month of being on our own.  Last year we used to have a Thursday playgroup that I would always look forward to but we don't have that anymore so trying to figure out our schedules to make the best of our down time has been a challenge but by GOLLY, we finally got it.  We have a great fall schedule and I am so happy to be back.

This was his sunrise on his first morning on the ship!  Lucky rainbow :)

OK, first lets talk about what the hitch goals are going to be....

As always --- CLEANING is on it.  At the top to be exact and we are going to be really working hard at decluttering.  

I am going to add a second work out... hit two classes a day.  So yah, back to back classes are going to be in full swing and I want to get in the best shape possible...

Clean out kitchen cabinets... donate old pots and pans... broken and mismatched dishes.. and the abundance of serving pieces that are just not being used.  We  have a church yard sale at the beginning of October so I want to pull out all those old dishes that we aren't using anymore that I have been holding on to forever.

I am going to tackle the dreaded spice cabinet.  I think I have spices in there that are older than my children.  Yikes.

Along with cleaning out the cabinets I want to polish them and remove any grease and grime from dirty hands and fingers.  I have found some really great product tips to help with that.  I will share if it works well.

Organize books, donate the ones that we aren't reading anymore, toss ripped and torn paged books.

Clean out the playroom baskets.  Donate old toys.

I know every month I have the same usual suspects on my hitch goal list but I always try and target a different part of my home.  

I also am adding a few small to do punch list items this hitch.  I want to take the curtains in the dining room and put the rings on them.  I know I told you that I think that the curtains will be a bit long but hopefully we will be able to make it work.  It will make open and closing the curtains a bit easier than just using the rod. 

I took the curtains down to paint the room and when I put them back I couldn't figure out why they didn't look right... Whoops, yah, totally forgot about the rings.  This may not work only because where I had Matt hang the rod... the length might make them a bit long so there is only one way to find out.  I know he would kill me if I wanted him to re hang the rod.  HA. 

The cellar stair case is cluttered and crowded.  We are holding on to misc. items and every time I carry a laundry basket down the stairs I knock something off the ledge.  That is going to get a good once over.  

I am going to change the batteries in all the candles around our home.  I have automatic candles that light up at a certain time and they are all in need of a fresh battery makeover.  They are looking a little dim.  I got the cutest hurricane vases from pottery barn a while back and I love that they turn on automatically at 5pm and they stay on for the next 12 hours.  Usually in the winter I turn them on at 4 since it gets dark so early.

These are the hurricane vases I have.  I opted to put electric candles and I like it so much better.

I am going to wash all the boys pottery barn kids oversized chair covers.  Last time I did this was probably beginning of spring and as you can imagine they are in dire need of a good cleaning.  Once or twice a season I find myself doing this and it just makes me feel good knowing they are fresh and clean.  We have 4 of them total and if you have ever put one together you know that they can be quite the pain.  I sometimes despise having to do this.

Break out the crock pot meals!  As the days get shorter the time to cook and get dinner on the table is less and less...  My kids will be able to eat right when they say MOM I'm HUNGRY... instead of watching me cook and telling me that they are hungry every 5 seconds...  quick dinners on busy school nights are the best.

So there you have it.  My list of to do items this hitch while Matt is on the ship.  I always feel so motivated when he is gone.  I don't know what it is.  Maybe it is just the fact that I try and keep myself busy for the month.. it helps to go by faster.

My hitch goals sound pretty much like a to do list and I guess when you think about it they are.  I have a lot of goals for this hitch that don't require cleaning and purging.  So, here is the other half of what I would like to accomplish.

Evan & Ryan's Halloween costumes

Upgrade router hardware

Spend time with my sister

Volunteer @ Evan's school

Make a dish for the church supper

I also will be enjoying these beautiful days we have coming up.   I don't care that it is the first day of fall, I am going to embrace summer today. 


  1. Which candles do you have that have a timer? I would love to get some of those.

    1. I have candles from Target. They are just vanilla scented battery operated flicker candles. I have them come on every evening and they automatically shut off after 5 hours. So in the winter I have them set for 4:30 and by 9:30 they go off. Typically we are in bed by 9 so it works great. I have them set later when it stays light longer. Here is a link to the flicker candles at target. I think the AA batteries last quite a while. I don't find that I am replacing them often but I do notice when they appear dimmer.


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