Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

WOW, I just can't believe it is Friday already.  It makes me a little sad only because I am realizing that this is Matt's last weekend here before he heads back to his ship.  The last few days home always go by so quickly.  It always consists of last minute house projects, minor honey do lists and last minute shopping items.  It is always a little hard on the kids... so we try and make the last few days extra special with fun trips.  

Today I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to share with you my favorites for the week. 


I am OBSESSED with these booties.  They are so cute.  & SO comfortable.  Matt and I went to the mall for a quick little lunch date and a little shopping for our anniversary.  

The color is just so perfect.  I think that they fit true to size and the material is just so soft.  Matt snapped a few pictures of me.... they are horrible and I wasn't planning on using them but since I haven't actually worn them out yet they are the best that I got.

I think he was embarrassed to take photo pictures (and so was I) so we were awkward, and this is what we got.


We spent the day on the lake this week.  It was a last minute adventure.  We were fishing and relaxing.  The water temperature was so warm.  The kids had so much fun swimming.  It was an overcast somewhat cloudy day but it was just perfect.  We packed sandwiches and then stopped for dinner at Redwood on the way home.  Redwood is a little cute outdoor fried clam shack type of place and the kids love to play in the sandbox.  Just a perfect day with my little family.


The boys spent some time with Nana one afternoon this week and baked me a birthday cake.  I think the boys love the cake more than I do.  They loved baking it, decorating it, and of course blowing out all the candles. 

Nana put trick candles on so they kept re lighting and the kids couldn't understand it.  It was really cute.. I am sure we ate a little bit more than we wanted if you know what I mean.


Favorite target shorts... just saying.. Target do you hear me, bring them back next year.  PLEASE.


I am off the GF free diet... I am introducing it back to my life and what better way than with a jumbo donut.  We love this little bakery in our town.  It has the best jumbo donuts and they are so fresh.  I am going to be starting a clean eating challenge next week and figured I should get my fix now.


Sweet Tea - have you heard?  It is so good.  You should try mixing it with a lemonade.  So delicious.


Our last summer lake day up in NH.  We are going to miss you!  I can't wait for next summer... I am already counting down the days. 

Those are the favorites of the week.  Thank you for stopping in.  We are going away this weekend.  We have a fun little trip planned for the kids.  Hope you have a great weekend....

Monday is BACK TO SCHOOL in our house... 








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