Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

Wow, this week went by so fast.  Every Friday I link up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to tell you about my favorites for the week.  So here we go!


This Essie nail polish called fondola gondola.  I always love a great nude nail color and this one is something I will wear from summer into fall... It is light enough to blend in but dark enough to stand out.  It is a pretty neutral color pink and goes with everything.

I ordered this Patagonia sweater.  I have a few of these in other colors but I really loved the neutral feel of this sweater.  I am really into neutrals lately.


Speaking of neutrals, a while back I told you guys I was going to start downsizing and getting rid of clothe that aren't really "me" and sticking to a basic neutral wardrobe... well these sweaters are making their way to the top of the closet pile.  I am going to really try hard this month to narrow down items that are staying and getting rid of stuff that I am not wearing.  I love a solid sweater.  I love the neutral aspect of a blush color.  I love pairing white on white... most of all, I just love sweaters and narrowing them down is hard but I am doing it... and I love the outcome so far.


I started using this ultra cc cream last week and I am really loving it.  I put it on as I would a moisturizer and rub it in.  It gives just enough coverage where I want it, but it is light enough to wear on a hot summer day.  It has spf in it which I love.


I am making the change to all white bath towels.  I have so many nice towels that are now ruined from bleach marks and I am so sad.  I also don't love that our towns aren't really thick.  A long time ago I used to have all white towels but when we re did our bathroom I bought all blue.... so we are going back to white and I really love these towels.


I loved being on the boat fishing with these little guys all week.  

That is about it for me this week.  I hope you have a great weekend.  As we all are celebrating I will be as well.  I am taking Monday off from blogging... We are going to be celebrating this weekend... big birthday weekend! :)


  1. all white towels are the way to go. We made that switch this summer and it is just so easy to throw them in the wash with bleach and go. That pink nail polish is beautiful too, love that color

  2. Love that Essie nail polish !!

  3. its really nice I am glade to see it


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