Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend Recap

HEY August!  Wow, that was fast.

It is Monday... some might find that to be motivating and exciting...

Some might find that to be... a snooze fest.

I am feeling motivated.  I am working on a few small projects for my Small Project Series, doubling up on my gym workouts and packing for a trip to New York.  We are going to visit our friends again and we are so excited.  We have some special birthday plans for two special little people and it is going to be a blast. 

So, lets talk about my weekend... it was pretty uneventful.  It is Sunday night and I am trying to think back about what we did and I already forget...

Friday was sort of a wash... I was running around with my dad doing errands and the boys were hanging out at my moms house.. the weather wasn't that great so they played indoors most of the day.

Saturday morning I had an appointment with my girl Dawn early morning for brows and then ran over to Whole Foods to do some grocery shopping.  Matt's Uncle "Deez" stayed with the boys for an hour so I could get those things done quick... 

I flew through the store adding fresh fruit and veggies... I filled up my car pretty quick.

That afternoon, Newman met a friend under the deck.  He spent most of the afternoon barking at him.  He wouldn't stop, I tried everything.  It really isn't dragging a 200+lb dog away if he doesn't want to move.

The remaining part of Saturday I spent cleaning, laundry, and playing with the kids in the yard...

Sunday morning came quick and we got up early and dressed for church.  Ryan woke up super early for milk (4:30 to be exact) but he was able to go back to sleep... I couldn't fall back to sleep so I got up early and came down for coffee and quiet time.

The kids at church were so cute... they were playing so well together and the big kids were helping the littles..... my littles have some big crushes on these big girls.

I love church in the summer... it is so laid back and all the kids do is play... so getting them dressed is so easy... play clothes. all. the. way.

We hung out after church for a bit, socialized and chatted with some friends and then came home for lunch.  I made the kids a veggie plate with fruit/ cheese and half of it went to the chickens... so, needless to say two hours later I was being asked for snacks.

We got cleaned up late afternoon and headed over to an indoor soccer facility for a birthday party.  The kids had a blast.  It took Ryan a little bit to warm up to everyone and all the commotion but he was eventually joining right in.  I love that he can participate now and knows what is going on.

The birthday party was a huge success.... a lot of running and game playing tired my kiddos right out and early to bed they went.  Hooray for mom time.

That is it ladies.  So boring.  Uneventful.  I barely took any pictures.  Honestly, the whole weekend was a blur.  I came down with a strange weird head cold that had me all foggy and zoned out.  I am glad to start focusing my energy into a new week.  

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Indoor soccer is great for a birthday party and tired kiddos is great on a Sunday night. Have a great week!


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