Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stranded with.... Footwear

Yay, Stranded with!!!!

We are going to be talking footwear.  

For starters I would probably bring these Nike Huarache Sneakers... I love them.  They are super comfortable, easy slip on... and are very light weight.  

They are perfect for working out, walking, and also really fashionable.  They come in a variety of different colors and styles, affordable and pretty much my favorite sneaker of all time.  

I am really loving my Vince Camuto Kathleen peep toe booties from Nordstrom.  I snagged these guys at the Nordstrom anniversary sale and I am so glad I did.  I wish I actually got them in the other colors.  

Unfortunately for me they don't have the prairie dust suede in my size but lucky for you & if you are an 8.5 they do... Sadly the sale is over and they are full price now... but still, they are an awesome shoe, really comfortable.  A great transition shoe from winter to fall... and assuming you live somewhere south during the winter you could probably wear these in the winter months.

I would have to say I am torn between my two favorite flip flops right now.  I LOVE havaiana flip flops like its my job.  They are super comfortable, go with everything, not expensive at all and they hold up over time.  

The other flip flop that I am loving is my vineyard vines sandals.  They are super comfortable... & you can dress them up or dress them down. I have been wearing these on rotate with my havaianas.

So there you have it...I am really loving these shoes right now. 

If you want to catch up and see what you missed you can follow the links below:

What are your favorites right now?  What would you bring with you?

Thanks for following along and next time on Stranded we will be talking about which movies we would bring with us.... 


  1. Those are great picks! I added some booties to my list as well. ;)

  2. I am obsessed with those Nikes! MUST HAVES!

    And those booties are darling. I need them, but know I wont order. I just don't wear booties enough. Maybe I should change that.


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