Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Small Project- medicine cabinet

Last week I did a post on re-folding and organizing Matt's bureau.  I called it a small project.  You can see it here.  It really is a small quick job that makes a huge impact so I decided to do another small project.  I think I will try and post about this more often because it seems like ya'll really enjoyed it.  I want to keep these projects within a half hour.   I like to be able to sneak away from the kids for a short break and accomplish something productive. 

The small project I tackled was the medicine cabinet.  Do people still really call it that?  

OK, so here is the before picture... I know most of you think it isn't that bad, and really it isn't... but I had a lot of stuff that I wasn't using so I tossed it.... 

I used to have a lot more of the "medicine" in the medicine cabinet but I moved most of it to the upstairs bathroom cabinet.... 

First thing I did was I took everything out of the cabinet and put it in the sink... 

I used a chlorox wipe cloth and wiped each shelf down, top & bottom.

I save these containers and use them to hold small stuff like tweezers, nail clippers, thermometer, razor refills etc... (just small loose stuff)

Then I wiped down all the products that usually get grimy from my hands while using the product.. most of the time I need to squeeze out more of the mask after I already started smearing it all over my face... so therefor, the bottles get the grime... 

I started to put back all the items I reach for consistently on the bottom shelf.  

Next shelf... more face stuff (am I the only one who uses this cabinet, guess so)

Top shelf holds some medicine, boo boo stuff, sanitizer and extra lotions.

There you have it my friends, a organized, purged, and easily accessible medicine cabinet...

In less than a half hour.

(Don't you just love my pinterest hack with the soaps in the glass jar... Genius & OH so cute!)

Do you have an idea for my next small series... comment below.  Have a great day.

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  1. I really need to spend a little time doing this! I don't have as many face products but this curly girl has enough hair products for an army! And they also get kinda grimy! Thanks for a little inspiration!


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