Monday, August 8, 2016

Small Project- kids cabinet

This is the kids cabinet.  It is over crowded and full of plastic stuff that we use on a daily basis.  Most of the time we have at least 3-5 cups dirty at all times.  Here is what I did in under a half hour.  

First I took everything out.  I wiped down each shelf with chlorox wipes.  For the most part this cabinet isn't in terrible shape but it is pretty annoying to have everything all over the place.

On the top shelf I have this green basket.  It is a catch all for random pieces.  Juice boxes, snack covers, lost straws, bottle attachments, breast pump parts... WHAT, those are still in there! wow.  OK, moving on... tissues, power bars and snacks... It is just a dump box really.

I went through the basket and took out the pieces that I have held onto long enough.  I know it is hard sometimes throwing something away that you think you are going to use but trust me, eventually you will get over it and you won't even notice it.  Give yourself a deadline... if you don't use it with in say 6 months, toss it... I have held on to these pieces for way to long, so in the trash they go.

I found all the smoothie straw cups and put them together as a set of four.  

We use these camelbaks a lot.  We take them when we are going out in the car... the kids have them at the beach, I throw them in the diaper bag for errands, and some times when Evan takes water to bed I let him use this cup because it doesn't leak.  I love them but we are hard on them and I usually have to replace the mouth pieces every few months...

I made sure all the cups had lids and straws and put them all together next to the smoothies.

I also threw out cups that we don't use.... Some cups that we got as gifts, or that my in laws gave us from their house... some that just leaked and were hard to drink from.. they all got tossed.  I made room for the pieces we use daily. 

The basket went back to the top, open top cups were up on the top shelf along with the bottles...
Smoothie cups and travel cups were in the back and our favorite re-play cups were in the front.  These cups are the ones we use for our meals... I love re-play.

Next up the kids drawer.  I have bibs, plates, and utensils in this drawer.  I only have two bibs because my kids don't use them anymore but I keep them just in case.  They slip on over your head and are perfect for keeping everything clean.  I have four plates from pottery barn that we hardly use anymore but I keep because they were given to me at my shower and they were Evan's first plates... 

I use a little catch tray for the silverware and straw pieces.  Also, randomly my phone charger.

I went through the drawer and took out everything that shouldn't be in there, wiped everything down with chlorox wipes and put everything back in neatly.

It wasn't a lot of work, two me just a few minutes but it makes such a big difference to open the drawer and see everything organized.   

So there you have it.  A small project I did in under a half hour.  These small changes made a huge difference in our cabinet.  I did this all while the kids were eating lunch.

Thanks for stopping by.  I know we as mom's don't have a lot of time to do a lot of deep cleaning or organizing but being able to take 30 minutes out of your day to do a task that will eventually make your life easier is awesome. 


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