Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Show & Tell- Worst Photos

I am linking up with Andrea from momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesdays... today we are talking about the worst school photo... 

The worst school photo probably had to go to this guy.  Seriously, what is wrong with this picture?!?!

Aside from the fact this face and mugshot looks like it was on America's Most Wanted last night...
& to top it off, it is not even a picture for school.  It is a passport photo.  It is not just a passport photo either.. this photo is also the picture he chose to put on his Vanuatu License. 

Side Note: Vanuatu Maritime Services Limited  is a privately held Vanuatu company operating under  contract with the Vanuatu government as the maritime administrator. Vanuatu international ship registry  is open to owners of any nationality. Vessels flying the Vanuatu flag  receive friendly treatment in ports throughout the world. 

Let's talk about the goatee... or shall we call it what it really is... a crumb catcher,   Which might provocative I'm not sure, but it is legit... a crumb catcher.  I am always telling him to wipe his face, which is gross... am I right ladies, or am I right?!?!

Secondly... it is getting WAY WAY WAY to long.  What is the purpose? 

& why can't you smile... 

Can we talk about the fact that he actually went online and bought amish butter stuff for his facial hair... the kid could wash his hair with dish detergent and not even notice, or care... but to go out of his way to buy some sort of slather stuff to make your beard grow nice like the amish.. yah, that is just another level of determination. 

I prefer the rustic, 5 o'clock shadow myself... maybe some day he will go back... 

See these pictures of that little baby!!?!?!?!

Yah, not so little anymore.

Today is Evan's birthday and we are going to celebrate!  I am so lucky to be this kids mom and he is the best thing that has ever happened to us... 

He is the light of our life and my little miracle baby.

Happy Birthday buddy, you can see his photos here.

Thanks for checking out my husbands creepy passport photo... please sign the "shave the goatee" petition below in the comments so we can get this thing going!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Your little boy is so cute! LOL passport photos are the worst! http://classysoutherntexan.blogspot.com/


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