Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday- My high school self.

Hi Tuesday!

Today on Show and Tell Tuesday I am going to tell you what advice I would give my high school self.  Which ironically is going to probably be the same advice I will be giving when I am 40 about my 30 year old self.... get what I am saying here. 

Here is my high school!  Awww how I miss it.

So, yes.  Advice.  Well for starters let me just tell you that I LOVED high school.  I loved everything about it.  I got good grades, I had tons of friends, I played softball and cheered for football and basketball.  I had awesome teachers.  I pretty much had a blast all four years.  However, I did go through  my trial of bullying for sure.  The only difference I would say is that back then (which lets be real, wasn't all that long ago- ok, kinda was) but back in the 90's I don't think we really called it bullying.. but it was there and it was more about clicks.  All of the same friends would get into these minnie fights.  So there was always someone who was on the outs... which is sad when you think back.  I wasn't really one that was on the outs often but I totally was at times and it hurt... so if I could go back and give myself advice I would tell myself that those issues and fights that were happening are short lived... your life isn't over.  You don't need to just blend into the wall and pretend you aren't there.  It really is kinda ridiculous to think about but when you are in it... you feel like your world is ending.. you'll never have happiness again...

I would also like to tell myself- appreciate my body for what it is.  LOVE the way I look.  I always wanted to be skinnier, or prettier, or taller, or fatter (yes, I did... I remember being in the bath tub wishing I had a pudgy belly like most of my friends... I wanted my stomach to be squishy so in the tub I would try and squeeze all my skin together to make rolls)  I look back at my high school photos and say to myself DAMN I looked good.  Why didn't I wear those shorts or that bathing suit... man if I know now what I didn't know then.... or whatever that saying is.. I am even doing that now... When I look back at my pictures in my 20's I think WOW... why didn't I love my body.. I looked awesome.. I was so ripped, or toned and fit... and now here I am turning 36 next month and wishing I looked 20 again... So yes, I would tell my high school self to totally relax and love your body.

Also- OH here is a big one... how about stop using baby oil and laying out in the sun for 12 hours a day.  How about -wear a darn hat... and use sun screen... yes that is what I would certainly tell myself... because how do I wish I was careful in the sun.  

Lastly, be good to your parents.  I remember the arguments I would have with my mom which is so crazy because some times even now I still have those same arguments but I try and remember she is my mom and whatever she says or does she does out of love and for the best interest of me even though some days she doesn't even know what that is... but they are your parents and there is no one else in this world that will love you more than your mother.  Amen.

So there you have it!  I would totally go back in time and do high school all over again if I could... and I would do so much differently... but yet not change a thing. 

Thanks for stopping in... crazy how fast the days are flying by when you are busy having fun w/ Daddy... we are just over here enjoying the last few weeks of summer.  WooHoo.

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  1. Yes to the protect your skin. I also was all about the baby oil and laying out. Where were our parents?? haha! But seriously, wish I could undo that one too.


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