Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everyone!  Today is the last day of the week which brings us to talk about our favorites.  I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea.

This week started off slow but totally ended with a bang.  We had a busy Monday & Tuesday... preparations happened on Wednesday and the kids woke up like Christmas morning on Thursday... and now here we are FRI-YAY!

Lets jump right in!


Yay!  Daddy is home and we are all together again and it feels SO good!  The boys went to bed Wednesday night knowing that their Daddy would be coming in late from the airport.  Thursday morning I peaked in on Evan climbing into Ryan's crib to wake him up.  I hear him say "come on Ryan, lets go see Daddy"  I thought it was the sweetest that he was waiting for his brother... seriously I wish I had it on film.  They were so excited.  The sort of excitement kids have Christmas morning waking up to see if Santa came.  It was pure happiness.  

The minute they got Daddy downstairs Evan was on him to set up Batman's bat car, or bat mobile... whatever Batman calls it these days.  

Ryan kept hugging Matt... just checking him to make sure this is really happening.  

Yup, Ry!  Your Dad is really here and he's here for an entire month!  Hooray


Mario Badescu rose spray is amazing.  It smells so good and it is so refreshing.  Naturally, I was curious about his other products.  While shopping at Anthropologie I noticed that they carry his line.  I went over to the counter (sans kids) and started reading about which products do what.  I grabbed the enzyme cleansing gel and it did not disappoint.  I am not actually a huge fan of gel cleansers but this works good.  I also use it in conjunction with the Pacifica face wash.  This gel is amazing.  I love that it is plant based and good for my skin. #healthychoiceseveryday
Bonus: it is only $14 and I think that is great for cleanser.


I know that being almost 36 next month (sigh) I need to start using Vitamin C... so I grabbed this as well.  It is a bit pricey.  However, I am not really sure what a serum goes for but this so far has been pretty nice.  It has a scent to it, not one that I am in love with but I like it.  I use it at night.  It is a little messy to get out of the dropper.  I haven't quite figured out if I should squeeze the dropper on my hand and rub it on or should I tilt my head back and use the dropper to just drop four drops directly on my face?  It is a little messy either way but I am loving that it glides right on my face.  It feels very hydrating.

(I bought this serum at Anthro but they don't sell it online so I linked it through amazon for the same price)


Last Mario product that I like is this seaweed night cream.  It is so good.  It goes on really thick.  It is very "greasy" feeling but doesn't leave your face feeling slimy.  I wake up with my skin feel very hydrated.  I think it smells pretty good as well.  

I am loving this line... I want to try a few more products from this line like the collagen mask.


I had a facial this week and my skin is feeling so awesome.  I have been seeing my girl Dawn for facials on the regular since 2005.  She is beyond amazing.  She sent me home with these two serums to try before I buy.  So far I really do like them.  I added them in along with my vitamin c.  My face is getting super soft and hydrated.  These serums are her own products so unfortunately I don't think they are for sale through the public.  If you are interested, I can ask her for similar products that are retail if you want to try.  Mainly, just the facial experience alone is the best thing for my skin...If you can sneak away from the kids and family to get one you are doing your skin a solid favor.


This little red pill has been by far my favorite this week.  For some reason out of the blue I came down the a severe cold.  So severe I thought that I had allergies to the ragweed that is out but zyrtec and tylenol allergy were not touching any of my symptoms.  I went to the pharmacy and they suggested this!  So here I am, not even 12 hours into me taking these little pills and I already am feeling better.  Hooray!  So I won't miss any doses today of this stuff.

That wraps my favorites for the week.  Thanks for checking in and following along.  Enjoy your weekend.... party hard, summer is almost over.  We are going to have an amazing weekend full of fun plans with our littles.  


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  1. The photos of the boys are so cute, they really love they daddy is home! Have a great time all together!


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