Thursday, August 4, 2016

#GOMO with Eventbrite

Hey Guys!  Hope you are having a great week thus far.  I wanted to talk about #GOMO.

Have you heard? 

Yah, I actually had to look up FOMO a couple months ago because I was hearing it every where and I thought, what is FOMO... fear of missing out!?!?!  yah, and so of course, the obvious choice of GOMO would be to go out more often!  When Eventbrite asked me to speak about GOMO I thought, sure why not.. we are always trying to look for new ways to get involved, meet new people and participate in local family style events.  

As most of you know we spent a good part of the beginning of our summer traveling.  We were really busy doing kid stuff with the kids and partaking in a few adult beverages on the boat with our friends.  It really isn't easy to "go out" when you have kids, lets face it.. there is just that small minute detail that comes with being a parent LOL, but it doesn't mean you can't get out and be involved with your kids.  So I wanted to talk to you about how I plan on spending the rest of our summer GOING OUT!

We have a little routine while Daddy is on the ship and that usually involves play dates, concerts, farmers market, library / story hours, parks, beaches and family time.  

On Wednesdays, we farm it!

 We have a wonderful local farmer's market on Wednesdays.  We usually take a blanket and meet up with friends on the common.  The kids love it.  The local churches bring out games and prizes for the kids and the farmers bring out all the fruits and veggies.  We usually buy a few pints of either blueberries or raspberries and sit on the blanket listening to the music eating our fruit.  It is a great place to buy fresh bread, local honey, and other small craft stuff like jewelry and soaps. 

Lets just say if there is a bounce house, we are there.  90 degrees and all!  The best part about all of this is that it is free.  The good people of the farmers market let us come here, play their games, win their prices and the kids don't have to pay to play.  How awesome is that?  The fruit and veggies are really affordable, you know where your food is coming from and the best part is supporting our local farmers.  If you want to learn more about eating local and how to shop your farmer's market you can read my post here.

On Thursday's We Jam & build sandcastles

Every Thursday late afternoon / early evening our town hosts a mini concert.  It is at our local town beach where we swim almost every day.  Typically we will head down to the lake around 2:00 and swim, play, build sand castles and socialize.  The kids have a blast.  Right around supper time the band starts playing under the pavilion.  The littles dance around and everyone has a great time.  I usually pack a picnic lunch so we can do dinner right there on the beach.  It is a great place to meet people local to our town and discover new talent.  The kids really enjoy the music.

I also try and run a lot of local races.  I like to be able to donate to a cause or charity plus push myself to be better physically.  There are a few races I participate in every year and each year I try and add a few more to my list.  There is a great website that will be able to tell you (far in advance) races that you can participate in that are local to you.  I highly suggest using it for all your racing details.  

Evan really likes to do the kids fun run!! Hopefully now Ryan will want to run also.  It is such a great way to bond and spend time with your family.. all while staying fit, healthy, and interacting with your community.

This is a race we do every year.  It is a 10K.  Evan was only three weeks old here when I did this race.

Needless to say running with a snap-n-go is NEVER a good idea.

We also participate in our town fishing derby.  This is something we started when Evan was just a little guy.  I am so glad we started this because now he looks forward to it every year and they really put on a great derby.  It is sponsored by the police department and the kids win trophies and prizes for biggest fish.  Everyone wins something so that is awesome.  They have a huge cookout at the end of the derby and the kids just have a blast.  

(first  year)

If you are wondering, my legs are spread wide open to allow for a GIGANTIC pregnant belly to hang through.  9 months pregnant and still fishing!

(second year)

Matt has only been able to make it to one derby because of work so of course I had to pick up the Daddy weight.  I baited the hooks, cast the line and reeled in some (tiny) fish...however, I was there, I participated and my kids had a blast... we even made the front page of the newspaper (with the WORST picture ever) 

(third year)

I encourage you to get out into your community, get active, meet people and discover new things.  I think having kids makes that so much easier.  It really opens the doors to fun activities and brings you closer together as family.  It is always fun starting new traditions.  Check your local papers or Facebook groups for events.  Also, you can check out Eventbrite for local stuff to you! If you are thinking of planning an event or race or just a small mini concert series like our town Eventbrite.  

Don't have FOMO on GOMO?!?!


Is that how you say it... there I go again....embarrassing my kids. #payback #yourwelcomemom

Thanks for checking me out today.  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


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