Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

Oh, Friday- I am so glad to see you.   As always I am linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea to tell you what I am loving this week.  It has been a long week and I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I have a lot of stuff I want to get done and then after that we are officially in countdown mode.

Let's get started.


I have used this as a favorite before but I am re reading it again and I really do love the tips about eating and what to look for in your food.  I am aspiring to be better with providing healthy choices for my family and this is a huge help.  I also find Kristin to be one of those people who are very motivating.  Reading this book over has also made me make important decisions regarding what truly makes me happy in life and letting go of the negative that has been holding me back.  If you haven't already - buy the book.


Even though Matt is away I still celebrate the boys birthday on their actual day.  There is something very special about birth-days for mom's... if you feel me.  We will always do another big and more exciting party when Matt is home but I really can't help but remember what happened on this very special day and how much it means to me... and honestly what kid doesn't want two cakes.

Evan helped me make this cake.  I used one of Mix and Match Mama's cake recipes.  I did the Vanilla Bean Noelle substituting with GF flour.  It was delicious and of course Evan helped with the decorating as well.  This is a candy cake...  

The cake idea looked so much better in my head.  By the end of the decorating I think Evan and I were just throwing m&m's on the cake.  It was still delicious. 


I tried these on at Anthropologie and I loved them.  The boys started to get a little crazy in the dressing room so I had to hurry out of the store (as always) but I made it a point to go home and order them online that night.  They are the softest jean ever.  I will tell you all about them when they come.


My garden has surprised me once again with some really good looking cukes.  We cut them up and put them in a salad for dinner this week and then the kids ate them as a snack with a little ranch dressing.  I love having a garden and easy access to fresh wholesome good veggies.


Evan got a Star War's wall climber from Nana for his birthday.  He loves it and has been such a good brother sharing it with Ryan. 

Evan had crashed his climber and was a little sad... Here Ryan is saying "sorry, mee-mon" which is how he says Evan... so precious.  These boys are growing so fast.


Lastly, of course I couldn't forget Dory.  She was our surprise guest at Evan's little party the other night.  What a great balloon.  Believe me, she has scared me at least a half dozen times when I turn the corner to walk into the dining room.   Just gigantic eyes staring back at me.  

There you have it.  My favorite little things that have happened this week.  If you are anywhere in NE right now you will be battling this heat wave with us.  Stay cool, have a good weekend and I'll catch up with you Monday during my busy few count down days.


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  1. I think that cake looks delicious! And decorating it together sounds like fun!


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