Thursday, August 18, 2016

Day With Friends

Our friends from New York were in town and we were so excited to meet up with them and have some fun.  We decided to spend the day at Old Sturbridge Village.  If you are ever in New England I think this is a must see.  We are members and try and go to the village several times a year.  

OSV is a journey back to the industrial revolution.  If you were to ask my what my favorite subject in school was it was always history.  I love learning about how things were back when and how the world all worked.  This is such a great reminder of how fortunate we are and the kids really enjoy seeing all the buildings, the barn house, and the animals.

The kids love to learn about the machines and how things were made.  I love that they are dressed and play the part of what it was like back then.  I ask a ton of questions.  This stuff is so interesting to me.

The boys explored all the houses.  I knew everything was safe inside for them.  They loved the excitement of just being able to go in and explore.

Evan would ask a ton of questions.

These two are so cute together!  

The little boys are checking out the baby animals.

I am pretty sure my friend Tania's son Cohan would have gone all the way in if no one was watching.  

Ryan was quite the little explorer.  I think his favorite part was the animals.

This pig stye is just that.  I can't even begin to tell you about the smell.  It is unreal.  

Evan's hair cracks me up... The big kids worked hard at getting the water up and out the spout.  Ryan soaked himself... 

Just sitting and enjoying a pop soaking wet.

Is Evan the only one excited for school!?!?  

This woman is using black walnuts to dye the yarn brown.  I can't imagine working by the fire in the hot sun like this.  

We all had a blast.  The weather was beautiful, and it was great seeing our friends again.  We got home, had dinner and I gave the boys a bath... and then early to bed.  They will wake up super happy to see their daddy!  I am pretty excited myself.  

I'll see you tomorrow for my favorites of the week.  I have a handful of goodies to share.  

See ya!

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