Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Settle in.  I have so much to say. 

First, happy Monday, did you have a chance to shop the sale at Nordstrom?  I did and I will share it all through a blog post.  

It was a crazy busy weekend.  It was so crazy that I actually am looking forward to Matt going back to work so I can settle these kids down back in to somewhat of a normal "summer" routine.  It was severely disrupted this last month with all the traveling we were doing.  We haven't slept in our own beds for more than three days and it is really starting to show through... so if you need to find me I will be home doing boring basic mom things.... but until then lets reflect on this CRAZY weekend.

We drove ALL day on Friday.  & I mean ALL day.  We left early morning and probably got to our farmstay around supper time.  We met the caretakers and settled in.  Seeing as though the kids were tucked away in their car seats for hours we thought it would be best to tour the grounds, see the farm animals, and just run around.  

Ryan stole the hose that was watering the horse buckets.

The grounds had beautiful flowers all around.  I was totally jealous & inspired.

Early the next morning the race started.... & he was off.

I can't imagine doing anything for 24 hours straight with no sleep let alone riding a dirt bike with practically no rest.  I am so proud of him.  He will never understand the immense admiration I have for him after having done this race... My boys have a serious role model and I am forever grateful and thankful.  I only hope my boys will grow up to be half the man my husband is... 

However, with a Dad role model like this guy my boys are going to be that much more and I am so proud.

Ryan is waiting patiently for Daddy to pass by.

Can I please comment on the amount of dust that was going on... I mean, WOW, I had dust every where.  I would even feel like I was chewing sand.  It was intense.  I can't imagine these riders lungs, they must be overcome with dirt.

Back in the pit we waited and played with dirt bikes....

After Matt would pull in for a fuel up he would still find the energy to encourage these boys and pump them up... after he would pull out of the pit we would head to a new point of the race to watch him ride by.  It was a 10 mile lap so it took anywhere from 40-55 minutes for him to pass (& I might be making that up, put it this way... he made 23 laps in 24 hours & he stopped a bit to eat, stretch, refuel and regroup)

You would not find Ryan with out a bike...

Ryan was awesome at keeping Matt hydrated.

While we waited in the pit, Ryan rode bikes, Evan played with bikes and I sat there admiring the dust, dirt and debris!  

Seriously, the dirt.  My kids were covered....

I was covered!!!!

It was so hot!  Later that night we had a big celebration while Daddy stayed back at the race... We had a little cake and ice cream for a special little guy who is
now 2!

It is crazy to me that I know I will never forget a single second this day... probably for the rest of my life.  I will always cry and reflect at 10:33am July 16... for many years to come.

After dinner at the farm we went out to feed the baby lamb a bottle.  My kids really enjoyed this.

Early the next morning we went back up to the ATV park to continue cheering on Matt.  The race started at 10am on Saturday and finished his last lap at 10:45 on Sunday.  

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am.  Matt finished 3rd.  This is only his second year racing this and he practically doubled the amount of laps compared to last year.  I am seriously bragging but HEY, someone has to do it #becauseiknowhewont

Matt was in 2nd place and ran out of fuel.... he ended up pushing his bike a quarter mile to cross the finish line.  The event officials came running when he appeared out of the woods to help him cross and he was determined to do it himself.  & he did... he came over the hill, jumped on his bike and rode it down to cross.  Everyone cheered him on.  I was crying and my boys were screaming.  It was amazing. 

He was a little disappointed that he ran out of fuel but he was so happy to beat his own personal best and to just be apart of this amazing event.  I hope some day my boys will be riding this race with him in a couple years.  It truly is an amazing family event. 

Here he is accepting his 3rd place... I am so proud of this guy!  

This was SOOO long, sorry to bombard you with so many pictures.  I am so anxious to get these littles home and back into routine.  I am also exhausted from having just one long month of vacation. I think I fell a little off track myself.  See you tomorrow! Thanks for following along.

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