Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Weekend on the Mountain

We decided to take a last minute trip to the mountain to spend the weekend relaxing.  It was exactly what we needed... except does anyone ever find that there is no relaxing with kids... Ya..... theres that.

We woke up early and headed out for breakfast.  We got the usual... eggs, bacon, home fries and double orders of coffee lol.  After breakfast we took the kids to Fun Spot.

Each car was was able to go for a minute off of one quarter... Matt was running through and dodging cars to keep the boys gas tanks full :)  Ryan was all smiles and fun and games until he realized they were bumper cars and his serious driving skills kicked in so that he would avoid any and all collisions.  Can I just mention he is only 1 year old and his 10&2 driving skills are on point!  (ok, he's almost 2, but still)

The speed boat was a big hit.

Later in the day we took a drive through Governer's Island... the kids were sleeping so we were just house hunting and snooping through all the rich and famous neighborhoods.. I wish I was brave enough to take pictures.  The houses you guys.... just so awesome.  

We took a ride on the boat and went over to Wolfeboro to buy Evan a kite.  He did a great job flying it.  He totally loved it. 

We let the kids put whip cream on their cookie after dinner... that turned into this.

They shared the rocking horse for split second, then Ryan pushed Evan off.  It was so chilly at night we contemplated having a little fire but all the wood was wet.

We headed home while watching Frozen and Zootopia.

I think I found two boys who were super happy to come home and see their chickens.


Before bed they were practicing jumping off the couch and Evan promised he would catch Ryan

The big boys fell asleep!

That was our weekend on the mountain. Short.  Sweet.  and just family time.

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