Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Stranded with.... Famous People


Once a month I link up with Shay from Mix and Match Mama and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything to tell you what three things I would like to be stranded with.

This month we are talking about what three famous people would we like to be stranded with.  

So obviously my first choice would be Bear Grylls. 

Isn't this the most obvious choice?  I have watched this show only two times, and each episode he had a celebrity with him.  

Channing Tatum was one and Zack Efron was the other.  Not only can he save me from starvation, weather and myself, but he also has cute friends that I hope just happen to also come.

I think this knife could do some serious work for us on the island.

2nd person I would bring is MacGyver.  I don't even know why.  I am bringing him because my husband told me to.  Then he told me he wasn't going to talk to me anymore because I did not know who he was.

Lastly, I would take these ladies.  I know I am supposed to only have 3 people but lets face it.  These girls are always together, and if we some how were on a plane that fell from the sky, they would hold each other so tight that they would end up on that island with us.  

I would have so many questions.  I mean SO. MANY. QUESTIONS

If there was a chance I could take a 4th person I would take this guy. 

I think we all would be in good spirits stranded with him, just saying.

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Thanks for coming to check me out.  Don't forget to comment below with the three things would you bring because I would love to hear your ideas.

Join us next month where we talk about footwear.


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