Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Small Project- Matt's dresser

Every hitch I go through Matt's drawers, take everything out and refold everything.  The only reason I do this is because after a month of him going in and out of his drawers, everything is flipped around, upside down and messed up.  

He has one bureau and one small closet.  So everything he has needs to fit into these two spaces.  For a guy, I think he has a lot of clothes.  Although, 99% of the clothes are t-shirts.  Also, of that 99%,  I would say more than half of that is clothes with stains.  So, the kid needs an overhaul but that is another day.  So the bureau is busting at the seems.  I take everything out of each drawer, one by one. I put the stuff on the bed and then I start refolding.

I start with the second drawer which is his t-shirt drawer.  I fold them this way because I can get a lot of shirts in the drawer, and they all look really neat from the top and sides.

After the shirts are all in, then I usually have a little room left on the side for tanks.

So after the t-shirts I make my way down.  I have long sleeves, sweatshirts, work pants, shorts, and pajamas.  

So there it is, one small project I wanted to accomplish this hitch.  When Matt comes home everything will be organized and easily accessible.  I will have a solid few weeks of being able to easily put back his laundry without trying to squish everything in there.  Give it a month of Matt being home and clothes will be falling out of these drawers.

(p.s our bedroom is a work in progress.  We still have to hang up closet doors, paint three doors and replace all the light covers.  I also want to get a new light for the ceiling and hang up all the pictures.  At least the walls are painted.  I finally gave in and just put the new bedding on seeing as though this has taken a lot longer than I expected.  Ahhh the days of unfinished project- never ends)

Thanks, see you tomorrow.   I am working on a day in the life of post that I think you will enjoy and its been highly requested so hopefully this week!

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