Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Show & Tell Home Tour

UPDATE:  I got the pictures up.  So sorry I am late.  Yay, hope you enjoy.

Morning!  I totally forgot to upload the pictures from my hard drive for this link up.  UGH, you know how when you do something so irritating first thing in the morning..... well that is me right now and I hope to change this around real soon.  I will get the pictures up and running very soon.  It was a crazy day yesterday traveling back from New York... we were in the car over 8 hours with the kids and then had a HUGE mess to clean after.  

We finally got the kids to bed at 9 and we were wiped.  Matt is leaving for work and we will be bringing him into Boston for his flight so I have a lot to finish up this morning.  Check back at the end of the week for sure and I'll get this up blog post posted.  

I'm so sorry.  These posts are by far my favorite posts to read so I want to fix this for you guys.  
Have a great day, see you all tomorrow.

Please click check out Andrea.  She has the cutest little home!

I told you guys I would get the pictures up but I didn't have time to tag everything.  Most all of the decor is pottery barn, but if you want to know something specific comment below.

I wish I had more time to clean and prop for photos, but hey, this is real life.  I am lucky that I remembered to do this while it was still daylight.

We are still in the process of doing a dining room reno so the hutch has not been built.  I am pretty happy that we came this far.  We still need to put outlet covers on, hang the drapes and hang the rest of the wall decor, but hey, at least we have a table.

First floor bathroom where all the bubble baths take place.

My kitchen is still a work in project.  We need to trim out the windows and door and add a few things but for the most part, no one notices that... and I think I am starting to look over it as well.

This is the kids playroom.  They eat a lot of meals in here and watch their morning cartoons.

The cubby system is from pottery barn kids.  It is called the cameron cubby and we love it.  It holds a LOT of toys.

The boys have a little reading corner in their bedroom. 

Evan's bed.

His bedding is from pottery barn kids.

Poor Ry doesn't have his name on the wall yet.... #secondchild

Do you see the big pile of toys on the train table... yah, that is where they go when I vacuum! :)

I am OBSESSED with this crib from PBK and I am sad that they don't make it anymore.  I feel like it was their best set.  I have the matching changing table.  I never want to give this up.

When I was pregnant with Evan I didn't know if I was having a boy or girl so we went all neutral with yellow and an ABC theme.  Best decision EVER!

I saw this clock when I was pregnant and I just LOVED it.  It was so cute.  I loved that it has a ship on it... ahhhh so cute.

Here is the train table mess!  Love real life.

Then finally, the view I love to see... the 7pm clock... the walk down the stairs after I put the kids to bed.  

(ps. the clock is from pottery barn)

We have done so much to this little house and there is so much more that we need to do.  

Join us next time!

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