Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life Lately

If you follow me on snapchat (LorFerruch) you probably know most of what has been happening in my life, however if not, then I will share a little bit of life lately through photos of our little family.

OH, and if you are a Nordstrom cardholder today is the last day to purchase items before the sale opens up to everyone.  I swear, (and I say this every year) this is the best sale yet.  I got so many great items that I can't wait to share with you.  

This is the beautiful sunset (with no filter) at our farmstay in upstate NY.  How gorgeous?  I have never seen anything quite like it.

Caught this guy climbing up into the kids cabinet to reach for a baby squeeze pouch.  The elmo flavor that is, and by flavor, I mean the picture on the pouch.  That is how Ev labels flavor.

How crazy is this photo?  This is not Matt's ship but it is a ship with a bunch of people on it that I know.  How scary.  I am so thankful that they are vigilant about weather on board but to see something like this is kinda creepy.  

My wolfpack.

Enough said.

Do you see that little dot out there... that is Evan's head.  He is such a big boy now.

All wrapped up cozy with mom at the beach.

I am so proud of this man.  HE is seriously so amazing and strong.  He finished 3rd in this race.  He missed 2nd by less than a minute.  He ran out of fuel and had to push his bike a quarter mile to cross the finish line.  He was so determined.  I am so excited to have my kids grow up to ride bikes and to learn from such a patient, kind, caring Dad.  He truly is the best part of me.

OK, Kristin Cavallari got me again.  She snapped about this espresso latte and mentioned adding coconut milk so I of course had to try it.  I used espresso, coconut milk, cream and stevia and OMG, was it delicious.

A bird flew into my living room window, knocked himself out and landed in our dog water bowl.

I am not sure how long he was there but Evan rescued him out and we brought him in the house, wrapped him up, kept him warm and made him a little nest.

We opened the window, put the nest box near it and waited several hours until he was dry and ready to fly away.

He is in the tree, can you find him?  I was so happy.  I think the kids were a little sad, they though they had a pet bird but I am sure excited to see him fly away healthy.

The picture is terrible because it was late at night when I got these from the garden but how cute?  I just rinsed them, chopped them and added salt.  BAM, amazing salad topping.

Thanks for checking in with me for life lately.  I will see you all tomorrow.  Again, still running around crazy here trying to catch up on all that has been left undone while we were away.  I am going to take the kids to the beach later for a little bit of swimming and energy burning. 

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