Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life Lately

Oh, HI Thursday.  When I tell you I am going to be busy today... YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

I have so much laundry and cleaning to do.  I have major errands to run... a few appointments and a whole lot of packing for our trip to upstate New York. 

Just a note: Vineyard Vines is having a HUGE sale.  Each sale item is an additional 50% off with the code Whale50.  The size selection is slim picking because everything is going fast but if you hurry you might be able to grab a few cute things at half the price.  I got a bunch of tops, a few pairs of shoes, some shorts and tunics and I totally love everything.  

OH, and almost forgot to tell you that the Nordstrom anniversary sale is happening, so get on that.  I did and got a few things for the boys for school and some things for myself and I am super excited.

Here is a sneak peak inside our little life lately.

One afternoon we took our boat over to the sand bar for some swimming. 

We brought our kids to The Castle In The Clouds.

Had lunch in the same spot where we had our wedding reception. 

As of now Evan says he doesn't want to get married and he doesn't need to love anyone else because he loves me and that is all he needs.  

We went over to the stables where we met Pete and some other friends and took a carriage ride around the castle.

How gorgeous is Pete.... he is huge.  

We went over to the lake on the property and fed the rainbow trout.

They wiped us clean of quarters.  I think the fish had quite the meal that day.

On our way back to the cabin we saw a black bear poke his head out of the grass on the side of the road.  I said OH I SAW A BEAR.... Matt didn't believe me so we turned the car around and watched him poke his head up several times before crossing the road.  

It was the coolest thing we've ever seen.  I was so glad Evan got to see this.

Stopped for a swing ride because this kid can't refuse a swing.

We came home from our little mountain getaway and had dinner buy the pool one night. Evan picked his radish and ate it with supper.  Also, you can't tell but we have two little naked boys running around swimming and eating.  I have to say it is pretty nice living on a lot of land with no neighbors.

After dinner we took a walk around the drive way with the boys while they nakedly rode their cars and four wheelers.

One hot afternoon the boys went for a trail ride.

Ryan passed out with in the first five minutes.  This kid is so chill.

We said goodbye to the best golden there is.  He lived a great life.  We will miss our Cayman! 

Celebrated with an early birthday celebration for my little who is no longer little.  Insert ugly cry here.

Watching him open his gifts was awesome.  He totally knew what was going on.  He was so into it and carefully opened each gift.  He loved his bikes and trucks and when he got to the clothes and pajamas he just threw it to the side and asked if he was done opening. 

Evan couldn't help himself, he totally needed to insert his big brotherly advice and show him how to pull off the folds in the back.  I think both boys enjoyed celebrating.

That is our busy crazy life lately. 

Please think of me while I am packing, cleaning, running errands and chasing naked toddlers.  I have so much to do before we leave tomorrow morning. 

Have a great Thursday, see you tomorrow to check out the favorites I have for this week.

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