Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's Over

I miss you guys!  We got home from vacation yesterday afternoon, took the kids out the car for a quick pee break, and then got back in the car to head to the farmers market.  Matt had a doctor appointment so I went with the kids to grab some fruit as my fridge was looking pretty empty.

The boys jumped in the bounce house and had a few rounds of mini golf before we headed back to the house for supper.  It was so hot yesterday that I could barely function.  So I didn't.  We left everything in the car and today I will be unloading it slowly and washing, folding, & repeating all day.

My days are so thrown off.  I am exhausted from the lack of sleep and staying up late and my routine is so far gone that I feel completely lost.  

I need normal.  UGH.  Can't wait until bed time tonight.  I need to catch up on some sleep.. get my house in order... and I'll be back fully refreshed for a new blog post.  

Until then, I hope you enjoyed these random pictures of our days on the mountain and on the lake.

Hope everyone had a great fourth!  I am LOVING our summer days with Matt home and we are keeping busy.  See you tomorrow!

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