Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Day In The Life Of Us

I decided to do a day in the life of us post because well, it is probably my most favorite type of post to read from others... so here we go.

5:00 My alarm goes off and I head downstairs to start my blog post for the day and have a cup of coffee.  I usually sit on my living room couch when I do this.  It is just more comfortable for me.  It is right by the wood stove so when we have a fire going I am extra toasty.  

I usually light a couple candles.

I finished up my blog post by 5:30-5:45 and I started cleaning.  Matt and I joke and we say it is "time to make the donuts"  It just is very monotonous and we do it every morning that I don't even realize the amount of effort and work I put into it.  

I vacuumed the hardwood and tile first... then I went on to the carpet.

I had an unexpected visitor this morning.  Ryan usually doesn't get up this early but he was up at 6 today with me.  So I had a little obstacle while cleaning.

I usually vacuum the living room, playroom and hall way.

I use Mr. Clean liquid muscle to wash the floors.  I bought the swiffer mop and I just use an old face cloth... I wrap it around and wash the floors.  It is so much easier than buying the refills (cheaper too)

I know washing the floors every day (some days 2x a day) is over the top for most... but don't forget I have three slobbering wolves that live with us.. and I don't mean my two kids and husband.

Ahhhh, it always feels awesome when it is done.

After the floors are done I take these clothes and wipe down the counters and stove/appliances real quick.

6:30 I started breakfast for Ryan... He wanted fruit and cheese... So that is what he got.

He ate while watching Mickey Mouse Club House... and I got dressed for the gym.

After I got dressed I had to go and wake Evan up... it was around 7:15... The boys laid in my bed watching cartoons while I straightened up their room and made their beds.

Straightening up their room means... piling all the toys on the train table so I can run a vacuum over the carpet... only for the toys to come right back on the floor.  #itneverends

We brush our teeth and come downstairs at 8:00 to get our shoes on and waters for the gym... I always bring their pajamas/pullups/diapers and what not down with me in the morning.  I put the night time stuff under the bathroom sink in our first floor bathroom where they have their bath.  This way I don't have to wrestle much after bath time to get them dressed.. everything is right there.

I grab a protein bar and head out the door for my 8:30 class.

4 minutes to spare.... (I am still uncomfortable taking selfies or any picture of myself in front of others... It just feels awkward.. so I don't have any pictures of me at the gym)

I did back to back classes today... after class around 10:30 I grabbed an iced coffee and headed over to our jeweler.  I wanted to drop off my rings to be cleaned and checked and also to fix a necklace Ry broke.  While we were there he told me I had a chipped diamond and I was also missing a stone.  I nearly died... Ugh, just thinking of it makes me mad.

We got home at 11:30 just in time for lunch.  I made turkey, mushrooms and onions the night before so I ate that with a little hot sauce on top... the kids had the same w/out the hotness.

After lunch I threw a load of laundry in the washer... 

Got dressed for the beach....

Started the dishwasher and was out the door...   Right after Matt left my dishwasher started to leak... here is how I fixed it until he gets home :)  #justaddedatowel

We got to the beach about 12:30 just in time for the ice cream truck.  He comes around 1pm every day... that darn ice cream truck gets me every time.

The ice cream was melting faster than they could eat it.

Never even realized my shadow was in this picture until now.

Hours and hours are spent at the beach...

We got home from the beach around 4:30.  We let these crazy dogs out... I got the kids in the bath and started supper.

My supper for the kids was super easy and quick... hello macaroni and cheese/fruit/peas.  They snacked all day at the lake that they barely ate anything.

5:15 the kids were in the bath... I started to make the donuts for the second time today (insert slobbering dogs here)

I did a quick vacuum and a quick wash down.  After I was done with that the kids were ready to get out of the tub... I got them dressed in their pjs.. they played while I did this...

I got the clothes out of the dryer and folded.

After I got the laundry folded and the dishes done.. it was time for Ryan to go to bed... it was about 6pm... I was really starting to get tired myself.  I got Ryan down and I started a bubble bath for myself.

I got out of the bath, watched a little tv... spent a little time on the computer then I went to bed around 8:30... Today kicked my butt... I was wiped from two workout classes and several hours at the beach.

So that is the day in the life of us.   Thanks for stopping in and don't forget to join tomorrow for Friday's Favorites. 


  1. Would love to hear more about your swiffering set up!!!

    1. It is super easy. I went to target and bought the swifter mop. It comes with a couple dry/wet cloths. After I used those I hated to spend the money on them and throw them away so I got a couple of old face cloths... I fill the sink with water and detergent. I rinse out the cloth and then put it on the mop. The mop itself has four perforated holes so I just push the facecloth into them to secure it. Wash and rinse repeatedly. I find that the face cloth works the best bc it's the perfect size. Hope this helps!!

    2. Awesome, thanks, probably a dumb question...what are face cloths?

    3. HA, I think I just realized I am the only one that calls them that... OK, so I am going to paste a link to a random one that I saw on target. I think other people call them washcloth's. It is a small towel that people use to wash their face in the shower. When you go to a hotel you get towels, hand towels and facecloths (washcloth) I am laughing out loud! What do you call them?

  2. Wash cloths....thanks. Love your blog!!! Going to try this to clean my floors!


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