Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Hey everyone!! It is the last Wednesday of the month, so it is time to join Sheaffer, Shay & Mel and tell everyone What's Up.  

what we are eating this week

I recently went gluten free to help with fertility.  So far it has been really easy.  I haven't had an issue with so much fresh fruit available.  

I have Mix and Match Mama's 101 cake recipes and recently made her Cinnamon Roll cake.  I used everything listed on the ingredients only substituting the cake mix.  I picked this up at Whole Foods.

Everyone loved it.  My husband didn't even know it was gluten free.  It was so moist.  

Have you heard of Chameleon Cold Brew.  AHHHH seriously, it is so good.  It is from Target.  I drank an entire bottle in two days.  I heated a cup up in the morning, added in some light cream and it was delicious.  I sipped it on my way to my hair appointment.

Later that day I added ice and sugar and made myself a tastey afternoon snack / pick me up.  Matt doesn't normally like flavored coffee but he loved this.  I am going to stock up on a few bottles on my next target run.

what i'm reminiscing about

Ryan was due July 9 but over stayed his welcome by 7 days.  I was really pregnant.  Really hot.  & Really worried Matt would leave to go back to his ship before Ryan was born.  I was so nervous to do this without him and I was so sad at the thought he might miss his birth. 

I really was against being induced but after 7 whole days of waiting and wondering we went into the hospital to start induction.  I was there an entire weekend... nothing happened.  They sent me home... We had a nice dinner, I had a nice bath... and finally fell asleep.. only to be woken up an hour later wit Ryan screaming HEEYYYYYY I am coming.

Rushed off to the hospital at 11pm and Ryan was born 12 hours later.

I am really reminiscing about this wondering birth experience.  Meeting my babies for the first time will always be the best part of my life.

what i'm loving

I am totally in love with my Athleta rash guard.  I got it last season but they are still selling them.  I have it in white and I wear it with almost every suit.  I bought a size medium.  I was a little bigger last summer so this year it is a bit loose but I don't mind the fit.  It offers sun protection so that is a huge plus.  

I have been wearing it every day at the pool and plan on wearing it every day on the boat.  I am excited to order a few new colors. 

I am loving my apple watch.  I now have a few color bands that are so easy to change.  I bought a couple at apple but also ordered a few off amazon.  I am still trying to get used to it but having this watch on vacation has worked out really well.  

what we've been up to

Daddy is home so that means skinny dipping in the pool at night....

& riding lizards.  

Also, a whole lot of Story Land fun.

what i'm dreading
Vacation laundry.  Enough said.

what i'm working on
The Friday Favorites blog post... I have so many awesome items I can't wait to share. Sneak peak... the chameleon cold brew from Target.

what i'm excited about

Spending the 4th on the mountain with these guys.

what i'm watching/reading

I recently ordered Kristin Cavallari's Balancing In Heels book from Amazon and I am kinda loving it. 

what i'm listening to
The calming hum of our hotel air conditioner and the rock-a-bye baby music on Ryan's sound machine... all while sipping a Coke and writing up this blog post.

what i'm wearing

My basic summer out... a white tee, jean shorts... cross body, slip ons.. and minimal accessories.

what i'm doing this weekend
Matt and I are taking our kids and our boat to Lake Winnipesaukee for an extended long weekend. We are having our friends and their son come up and stay with us and joy ride the lake all day, relax, swim and barbecue.  

what i'm looking forward to next month
My little baby turns 2... which makes him not a baby anymore insert me crying here.... but he will always be my little baby... and I am so excited to watch him grow.

what else is new
Hmm, not a whole lot is new.  I have been spending so much time with my sister and it has been so awesome.  My brother is moving down to Florida and he leaves later this week.  We had a send off on Father's Day which was really fun.  I am so sad that they are leaving but I am so happy for them.  They are going to love walking across the street to the beach in January while I am up here in New England freezing my butt off... and I will be super jealous.. 

I am finishing off my fun, awesome and totally exhausting vacation with my little family.  Stay tuned for Story Land Part 2 later this week.  

Don't forget to follow along next month.  

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  1. Your boys are precious and your birth story reminded me of mine with my daughter. Fresh fruit abounds around here too! Our meals are practically peaches, watermelon, and strawberries. Loving your summer style because that's basically the same thing I am rocking with the exception of most days I'm in bathing suit with my cover up running around to finish things up so we can go jump in the water. You're gorgeous and therefore you will have a gorgeous July! xo Amanda


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