Thursday, June 23, 2016

Welcome Home Daddy

He is HOME!  Yay! DADDY is home.

We are kicking off our summer story today... it is his first day of summer and we have so much fun stuff planned.  Last night before the kids went to bed they put out some of his Father's Day gifts. 

Swedish Fish- bc, duh.  It took great strength for Evan to not open the bag.  He really REALLY wanted me to but he stayed strong.  

Some of his gifts...

All Dad's need open wire cheese servers! :) They are out of stock online but most stores are still carrying them and they are really cheap.

We are also going to be giving him a Nespresso machine... have you tried them?  I am really looking forward to trying it for myself.  I am excited for iced coffee.

We are starting this month off strong.  Sorry for the boring blog post and the lack of my attention to writing.  I just got swallowed up by "being busy" and need to get back into a solid routine.  Thank you for being patient. 

See you tomorrow.


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