Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hi Monday!  We are almost in Daddy countdown mode over here and I am getting excited.  

Also, we leave tomorrow for a few days with our special friends in New York.  I am excited.  I am dreading the drive a bit but I am sure it will be fine.  OK so lets jump into this weekend.  

It kicked my butt.

Friday started off bright an early.  I got up before the kids to post on the blog, then start cleaning and breakfast.  I had to get Evan ready for his Moving on Celebration, prepare a few things for later in the day, shower and get Ryan ready.  Evan was so excited to get to school.

I destroyed my bedroom this morning getting ready so you will have to excuse the disaster. 

The shirt is the Asbury Buttondown from Anthropologie.  I am wearing a size small.  I LOVE this shirt.  It is so soft, light weight and heavy at the same time if that makes sense.  It is a perfect shirt for any pant.  The pants I am wearing are from Anthropologie also, they are the Pilcro Linen Wide Leg Pants in Navy.  I am wearing a petite size 6.  They are big in the waist so I will have to have them taken in but they fit really well through the thigh.  If anything they are a bit big in the thigh/waist but the size 4 just hugged a little to much and pulled in all the wrong places.  I love these pants.  They come in a variety of colors.  I think if they go on sale I will get another pair.

My shoes are really old... Like old old... from before kids.  They are Kenneth Cole and I got them in a store in Florida.  They are super comfortable with a small heel.  

My bracelet is from Blue Nile.  Matt gave it to me on my 30th birthday.

The other bracelet is from David Yurman.  It is old.

His ceremony was so cute.  I loved every minute of it.  I cried like a baby.

After the ceremony his teacher had a party for all the kids and their families.  She had food and drinks  and the kids signed their name to a t-shirt.  Each student was able to take one home.

It was such a special day.  I took about 184,038 pictures and 385,938 videos.

Evan's outfit is from Janie and Jack.  He is wearing the yellow polo shirt that is now on sale for 50% off and his pants are full price.  

After his moving on celebration we met up with Nana, Auntie and NeNe for an afternoon of continuous celebration at Davis Farmland. 

This kid is a chicken whisperer.

We stopped for ice cream after the farm.  We discovered the cutest little ice cream stop.  We can't wait to take Daddy.  We know he will love it here.

The way Ryan eats ice cream is hysterical.  He sticks out is tongue and touches the ice cream cone to it, and pulls it away... there is no licking.. just touching.

Now this kid, he knows how to lick an ice cream.  He is a lover of coffee and peppermint stick.

Saturday morning started off with the town's fishing derby.  The Police Department put on an awesome derby for the kids.  They all get hats upon registration and free snacks and drinks through out the day.

Trophies are given to the kids with the largest fish.

My boys had a blast.  We didn't take home a trophy but we certainly had a lot of fun.

Our Friday and Saturday were so busy that after the derby we came home, showered, had an early dinner and snack and I put Ryan to bed at 3:50!


Seriously, this kid was walking around all loopy I had to put him down.  Evan passed out very soon after.  I think we were all asleep in bed by 6:30.  Now that is a happening Saturday night. 

Ryan always finds the snacks right after service.

We had an amazing celebration at church on Sunday.  The boys were so cute and they did awesome.  Sunday school is out for the summer.  All of the Sunday school teachers were presented with flowers.  

They are so pretty, they perked right up after I filled the jar with water.  I just love them.

We had an afternoon birthday party.  Mr. Kim was performing for the kids.  Ryan was so into him, can you tell?  He was chilling and relaxing until he pulled out a puppet.

Game over for Ryan.  He wanted nothing to do with Mr. Kim.  Evan was totally into it.  He was laughing and playing along.  We got the cutest CD as a party favor.  

We ended our Sunday with a bath and a video from Daddy.  The kids were loving it... then they were fighting over it... Ahhh cheers to bed time.

We had such a busy weekend.  I also have a BUSY Monday.  We are packing for our little trip.  We will be having a TON of fun and spending a lot of time at the beach. 

This is my Monday- Laundry.

I have a garage door being installed, laundry to wash and fold, a house to clean, a car to pack... and I am already tired.

Have a great Start to your week.

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  1. Ok, can I just say that I LOVE your entire outfit at the beginning of this post! I want the shirt AND the pants!!! I mostly want the pants, but the shirt is awesome, too, because I've been in the "looser-fitting top" phase for about a year now. But those pants look amazing, and so comfy!! Just saying, your newest follower here. Such a cute family!


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