Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Recap

My Friday started off strong with a trip to Whole Foods... By. Myself.  

 Matt's Uncle watched the boys early morning so I can head over and get a few things.  I forgot how much I loved shopping there.  It is a few towns over and no real easy way to get there.  Plus, the traffic is crazy but I will try and get there more often because I really do love it.

I came home to make the boys lunch and set up their tee-pee. 

These boys will not sit still for a picture.  When I say smile, they hear run faster.

I picked up some flowers at the market... how gorgeous.  I set these beauties up in the kitchen.  I don't normally buy pink for my kitchen but these were exceptional.

I have been loving my boyfriend jeans from Banana Republic.

These boys snuggled and watched cartoons all morning.

Friday was national donut day.

One thing is for sure, Ferruccio Boys love corn on the cob.

They ate them all.  Then asked when we were having it again.

I picked this mask up at Whole Foods and I am in love.  I love this line so much. I am going to try a few other products including their self tanner.

It smells really great also.

We played t-ball over the weekend and Evan had a great hit.  He talks about how fast he can run with his turbo boosters!  I am so proud of this kid.

We had a fun morning at church.  The kids are painting a really nice welcome poster for our new pastor and they were really proud of it.

After church we hit up the mall.  It was really rainy so we ran the mall hall and ate pizza in the food court.  Ryan + Pizza = match made in heaven.

We tossed money in the wishing water.... The boys love doing this.  They get wait and sometimes try and reach for other peoples wishes "aka-pennies" and they never want to leave this spot.



We ended Sunday night with a dinosaur puzzle.  We have done this puzzle so many times and each time is like the first.  Evan loves it.

That is our weekend.  I originally did this post and lost it all, I had much funnier commentary however I didn't have a lot of time the second go around.  Sorry.  

Don't forget to catch up with us Wednesday for Stranded with.... Netflix.

I hope you all have a great week.  

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