Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stranded With... Netflix

I am linking up with Shay from Mix and Match Family and Erika from A Little Bit Of Everything to talk to you about being stranded on an island with ..... NETFLIX

I have netflix and I don't take advantage of it but I should.  Matt and I never watch tv while he is home but I do DVR my shows.  While Matt is on his ship I binge watch and catch up on everything I missed that month.  I am addicted to shows like Scandal, Greys, Chicago PD, Chicago Fire... and can we just talk about the BLACKLIST.  I am in shock.  I don't know anyone else that watches that show so please, can we be friends for a second and talk about the ending.  Seriously... if you haven't watched it I will save all the glorious details but I need SOMEONE to talk about this with.  AHHHHH

OK, lets get on that island shall we.  & lets note that this is the best island ever.  Can we just look at all the topics of what we will have, read what everyone is bringing... lets just hope we are all on the same island and someone has a TV...



Matt watched the entire series and LOVED IT.  Everyone I know loved it.. I started to watch it... I stopped watching it after a couple episodes.  How is this an awesome show... I still don't know.. However, if I am stranded on an island with nothing but time I will be determined to find out what makes this the best netflix series of all time.  



I loved this show when it was on, and I love it still.  Also, considering they have 10 seasons it will certainly pass time while we wait to be rescued... and who doesn't need a good laugh when your contemplating that rescue even happening.  This is the most durable re-watchable sitcom ever.



I haven't seen this series but what I do know is it probably isn't the best choice to watch while being stranded on an island.. People do love it though so I think that if I had all the time I would sit and binge watch this series.  I have heard a lot of great things and also a lot of not so great... if you like mysteries and lots and lots and lots of questions, but don't care about satisfying answers to those questions than Lost is the show for you.  However, I am EXACTLY not that person.  I ask LOADS of questions and need answers so I am not sure how I will like it but I want to give it a try.  I want to see what all the hype was about.

So there you have it, if I were stranded on an island these are the 3 netflix shows that I would want to take with me... 

Do you think I should watch LOST?  

If you want to catch up on the topics you missed you can do so below.

Have a great day!


  1. Breaking Bad is a phenomenal show and I loved watching it with my husband. But if your island is truly deserted, it might be a little scared to watch by yourself. Liz

  2. Breaking Bad was just so good. Great choice!


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