Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Story Land Part 1

The boys woke up early and excited for their first day of adventures.  After breakfast we headed down to the pool for a swim.  The pool was chilly but they didn't mind.  They were jumping in and having a blast.  Meanwhile... 

I sat here... watching the fun, working on my tan.

Our first stop was to ride the swan boats outside of Cinderella's castle.  Of course, Ryan found the first opportunity to hang.  

Ryan wasn't a fan of the life vest so his ride around the lake was very brief.  

This guy and I were doing circles.... 

After the swans we took a pumpkin ride up to Cinderella's castle.  Evan was in awe of her.  We walked in and he could not stop smiling.  I asked him if he wanted to go over and take a picture with her but he was shy and said no... we sat down and just watched her. 

He leaned over to me and whispered "Mom, she is beautiful" in the sweetest voice ever.  

The boys hopped into the pumpkin for a picture and Ryan was waving to all the ladies walking by.

We took a ride on the pirate ship and all the kids needed to turn this black lever to keep us going.... and the pirate aboard told the boys and girls that they would get tossed over board if they stopped paddling.  This smile immediately turned upside down.  Poor Evan started to cry and I felt terrible.  We tried to tell him that it was all pretend and that he wouldn't really go over board.  

At the end of the day we asked the boys what their favorite part of the day was... Evan said the pirate ship.

We only spent the last few hours of the day at Story Land.  The majority of the day we spent at the pool and the playground.  We were able to get into the park, ride a few rides, have a few treats, check out the characters and prepare ourselves for an entire adventure the following day.

We hit up a really cool restaurant called Moat.  Ryan was so excited and couldn't stop singing and screaming.  The area where our table was located was quite nice for having 4 crazy toddlers.  It was a closed off room where the adults could enjoy a few drinks and the kids could dance.  

As always, the waiter brought us coloring books and crayons... and Ryan got a hold of a red crayon and made a nice design on their wood walls.

Evan and the girls were so worried they would get in trouble that they decided they should stand their covering the scribble with a napkin.  #thatwasntobviousoranything

We left dinner and headed back to the hotel for smores by the fire.

Someone was really awesome at eating marshmallows.

Someone was really good at roasting.... He roasted about 50 and ate 1.

That was our Storyland Part 1...  We are having so much fun and I am so excited to share all these memories with my kids and our sweet friends. 

Check back tomorrow for What's up Wednesday.

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