Thursday, June 9, 2016

Life Lately

We are all done with school over here.  It is our first official day of summer.  We are excited and crossing off items on our bucket list is already underway.  Here is a snap shot of our life lately.

Last day of school....

Last day of making school lunch (hooray for mom) I made it through with healthy choices.

Ryan and I went to Davis farm while Evan was finishing up his last week of school.  We had a blast and this was the first time that Ryan could run through the paths and play with the toys, pet the animals and hold the baby goats.  The first two years he went he was just to little.

He also was able to just eat barbecue sauce for lunch.  He loves dipping his fries and tasting all the sauces.  He has barbecue, honey mustard and sweet and sour.  

We sat right next to the toddler area where there is a little water fall for the kids to play.  I could finish up my lunch and watch him.  He was mesmerized by the little birds in the tree coming down for a drink of water.

They have this little village set up for the kids.  Each house has a different theme.  It is really cute.  
Ryan jumped on the chance to ride a tractor around.

Evan loves this slide so I wanted to take Ryan.  We walked up the big steep hill... when down it and he loved it.  So he asked to do it again.  We went back up and that time I slipped, and we landed on our butts and slid all the way down have hazzardly without our sack.  I hope I didn't scar him.

This was as close as holding a goat he would get.  How cute is this baby goat?

Before getting Evan at school we ended our day with a little cupcake we made earlier that morning.

This week we have been busy at night with t-ball and horseback riding lessons.

How Ryan likes to roll during games.

After bath goodnight embrace.. Evan and Ryan gave each other some hugs and kisses before bed....

& Evan and I worked on his dinosaur puzzle.

Morning jam session.... he's following along with the tv.

We went to Whole Foods for a little shopping.  (I started a GF diet... hoping to boost my fertility, wishful and hopeful thinking right... well Whole Foods is awesome for GF foods, its our favorite)

The kids are allowed to pick a piece of food to eat while they shop in that basket and Ryan chose a strawberry bar... which he didn't like... and you know where it ended up.. in my bag.

I love these boys, they fight like cats and dogs but they love hard!  

Evan thought Kinley would be more comfortable wrapped in a blanket.

It was a long day, these guys were wiped.

This finishes up our life lately.  Evan has a little "moving on celebration" at his pre school this Friday.  I will be excited to see what they have planned.  I am also a little sad as we did love his school but I know his new school at our church will be equally amazing.  It is so hard to believe that my boys are growing and I don't really have a baby in the house. 

Have a great day!

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