Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Life Lately

Today we are busy preparing for Daddy's arrival.  The kids are so excited.  They won't actually see him until Thursday.  His flight lands so late at night- bummer.

T-ball season has ended.  The boys played their last game.  After the game they each were given a trophy.  It is such a nice gift.  I am not sure if the boys were more excited for the trophy or donuts.  

I think Evan was pretty excited for both.  

The car ride home he asked me when he starts soccer... this kid is busy!

We visited our friends in New York for a week.  The boys loved it.  The beach was beautiful.  We had such an awesome time.  I miss seeing my friend all the time but I am so glad we can go visit any time.  Her kids are basically my second set of kids, I love them.

Ryan loved rolling in the sand.  He was not afraid of the waves which I was a little worried about.  He just loved every minute of being at the beach.  When we said we were going to get dressed for the beach he had a huge smile on his face, and would run around screaming BEACH BEACH BEACH.

We went up to visit my friend Susie in New Hampshire.  She has a gorgeous house in the middle of no where.  It is so quiet and peaceful.  

The boys had a blast riding bikes, jumping on trampolines and exploring the woods.  I am so grateful for my dear friend, we met at a random gymnastics class our kids were in together and we just clicked.  

Ryan is obsessed with bikes.  Any and all bikes.. even the ones he can't reach the pedals.  He will just climb on and off and walk along side it.

Our walk to see the ducks. 

Inside their barn they had a huge trampoline.  Genius.  I already started researching online where to buy one. 

The boys came home on Father's Day with some sparklers.  I wasn't sure how Ryan would do at first, but they both are obsessed.  These will be a must for my boys on 4th of July.  

Ryan has started to explore his inner wild child.  Not only does he climb on castles to reach toys, but he also climbs out of his bed.  I am not sure what is going to happen in the future regarding our sleep but I sure hope that I don't lose any... 

That is our life lately, I am so busy this week.  So Much to do!

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