Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life Lately

It has been a crazy world around this household.... we have had t-ball, swim lessons, horseback riding lessons, and a little taste of summer sun at the beach.  

All that sunshine came with a little rain... and a lot of sickness..  The week before last Evan came down with strep and it was hard on him but then Ryan came down with strep, double ear infection and conjunctivitis.... plus a fever of 103.8.  A little scary.  

I am happy that we are on the upswing.  We finally had our first night sleep in almost a week.

A. Very. Long. Week

Here is a little look at what we've been up to lately.

Intently digging a sand castle mote.

Morning wagon rides....

& yes that is a carrot for breakfast, raw :)

Every morning they start out the best of friends.

It doesn't last long.... 

In Ryan's defense he was just starting to feel better....  typical big brother little brother stuff.

Garden helpers

Before Ryan's doctor appointment we stopped by our favorite diner for an early dinner.

My kids never want to leave the doctor's office.  They love all the toys.

He falls asleep anywhere.

So effortlessly.  Summer is exhausting.

I had an appt. for my car to be detailed so I brought my little shopping buddy to hang out with me while we waited.  

When he has open range, you can't catch him.  He toddles all the way from one end to the other.

After the mall we stopped at target for random stuff....

If you notice there is a bin in my cart... happy to update that I cleaned out the boys dresser... now I can check two items off my hitch goals list... car & clothes.

The first time I walked past these balls I slightly jerked the steering and made a right so he wouldn't make eye contact.  I totally wasn't paying attention on the second pass.

Came home to find the turkeys investigating the chickens.  Phew, that was close.  I heard that the turkeys are not very nice to chickens but these two just looked and walked on through.

Hard to see but he's giving me a thumbs up... this kid cracks me up.

Evan is really really really loving his horseback riding lessons.  Here he is bringing Sneakers into the ring to go for a ride.

He has so much more confidence this year than last year.  Just my little tip... last year Evan really loved being at the barn, brushing the horses and coloring but really didn't love to ride... and we carried out our 4 week session reluctantly.

When he asked me to ride again this year I thought it might not be a great idea because for one it is really expensive and two he really didn't like the riding part.

If your child asks you to do something again that you thought they didn't care for that much, make it happen... the amount of confidence and determination he has this year from last is tremendous.. He even has requested to ride the big horses and go fast.

He is riding Spot now and absolutely loves it.  I am so glad that I got involved again.  I certainly was reluctant but it is what he wanted and having him go at his pace will eventually build a relationship with riding that is unbreakable.  I grew up riding and had two horses of my own and it taught me so much.  I hope that some day Evan can feel that same independence and love you get with owning and riding horses.

Also, the cutest thing... when we got in the car after riding I said to him "wow, Evan, you were going SOOOO fast"  He said MOM- "its called trotting"

I died.

At the beach.  With a ball... What could be better.

After my workout we head down to the NAZ at our Y and here they are.... up in the bubble.

That is our life lately. 

Join me tomorrow where I am talking about a few favorites that I got this week.

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