Monday, June 27, 2016

Life Lately- vacation round up

I did it.  I went lighter and I am loving it.  I still have a little ways to go before I am completely happy with the color because lightening your hair is a process. 
After my hair I went and had a facial and a brow wax and was feeling like a whole new mom.  

Terrible picture but here is the before, the brown hair and bushy brows.

& a close up because... those spy glasses in the back are the cutest ever.

Have you tried this coffee... it is available at target and its the bomb.  I just add ice, cream & BOOM. Heaven in a mason jar.  

I got a new strap for my apple watch.  When I purchased it I bought the white sport band and I love it... however I like to change things up sometimes and I grabbed this one from amazon.  It was only 10 bucks.  & of course day one of wearing it I got a water drop on it and the stain didn't come out.  I wasn't happy and it really is bothering me... however it was only $10 so I will probably buy a new one because I am OCD like that.  & those of you who are wondering if you should get a watch, you should totally get one.

Nana got Evan a new pool float and he is so excited.  Ryan got a matching one.

I bought this hand and foot creme from target and it is awesome.  It is so hydrating.  I put the foot creme on after the bath, cover with socks and the next morning they are so soft.

The boys couldn't wait to take their toys out for a ride when we got to New Hampshire.  I think Ryan is quickly outgrowing his lightening mcqueen racing car.  The stickers are all faded and the tires are pretty beat up but he loves it.

The next morning the boys woke up and wanted to watch cartoons.  

10 seconds before I got this photo they were fist fighting, screaming, biting and kicking each other over their toys and now this. 

We left our New Hampshire house and headed over to the other side of New Hampshire for our Story Land adventures.  We checked in to our hotel and immediately headed to the playground.  

Then after the playground we got in the pool.  

Ryan wasn't digging it at first but he totally loves it and doesn't want to leave. 

That sums up our first few days.  We have great weather.  We are staying up late and sleeping in.  That is what vacation is all about right?!  Have a great day.

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