Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let's Talk.... What Is In Your Bag

Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea to talk to you about what is in my bag.  I am so embarrassed and should not even participate because really- who wants to see in my bag?  and more importantly do I want people to see in my bag?

It is embarrassing.  It is real life, there is no photo shop, prop, or pre-examining... This is it ladies.  

Exactly what is in my bag.

These are the two bags that I am carrying currently.  They are the Louis Vuitton Speedy bags.  They are the 30 & 35 size.  I use a shoulder strap because it is absolutely necessary to have hands free with kids. 

The only thing that changes between bags is the strap and my wallet.  I am not sure why I even switch but I think it has to do with the weight of the bag and all the STUFF that accumulates.  

I go a while before cleaning things out and some of the stuff I find in there even surprises myself.

Shall We!

I just recently started carrying this one when the weather started to get warmer.  I dug it out of the closet and surprisingly it was empty.  I usually put it away in the dust bag with stuff leftover from previous wears but I surprised myself. 

Since it was empty when I started, I am still pretty empty but its only been a couple weeks and it is already started to fill.  

So ladies, this is real life.  There is a pile of empty wrappers, receipts, dry cleaning tickets, free floating credit cards, napkins, clothing tags and sunglasses.  Like I mentioned before the only thing that I really move to the next bag is the strap I attach for hands free and my wallet. 

Found this cute worksheet from school.  I used to try and save all of Evan's work but then I started to get papers home like this, that really only had yellow crayon colored in the middle, so I started tossing it.  

We all usually have snack wrappers.  My ideal protein diet bar, Ryan's fruit pouch and Evan's push pop and Annie's gummies.

Thanks to this link up the only items that went back in were these guys.

This is the bag I was using last.  It is pretty full (to the top) when I switched, all I did was just move my wallet and strap... left everything.  I didn't even look through it to see if there was anything I needed or wanted.  I just went for it.  Never looked back, until now.

See, full.  OMG, so embarrassing.  I'm so sorry but this is real life.  & also sorry to LV for this disaster.

SERIOUSLY! 7 pairs of sunglasses.  WOW, I accumulated 7 pairs in those short winter months.  WINTER, haha, can't wait to see how many I will have at the end of summer.

Here is a quick breakdown... trash, jewelry, snacks, socks, and pregnancy tests hahah whaaaaaat.  Yah, but don't worry.  Not pregnant (yet)

How cute is this mesh baseball glove for Ryan.  He loves to follow Evan around copying him.

Cheers to full snacks.

Used socks.  Typical boys.

Hair elastics, because you always need them.

Fresh diaper... because yes, you always need this randomly also.

I bought this when I had Evan.  My goal was to put my money etc in here, just take this out of my bag and use it in the store.  It is light, hands free and cute... I did use it for a little while but then that stopped.  Matt got me my multi color wallet for my birthday one year and I stopped using this..  It is cute, and it was from coach.  So if you are looking at something cute to do the same check out their selection.

Leather winter gloves.

My bracelets that Evan made me.

Receipts, wrappers, paint swatches, bottles caps, clothing tags, straw wrappers, napkins... 

I was so proactive one day with couponing.... Then I forget about them.

So that is it ladies.. That is real life.  The life of a mom (or just this mom) but either way this post has fueled my purse cleaning fire and I did clean both of them out after taking pictures.  My shoulder will feel so much better without the weight.  so thank you link up.

I should also mention that most of the interior lining is stained with pen writing, gum melting, chocolate melting and who knows what else but what I do to clean them is I take them to my local dry cleaner, they send them out and they come back looking brand new.  I know you can take them in to your LV store and they will send the out for cleaning or replacing straps etc, but it is expensive.... so I've only done it once when I needed a strap replaced.  

I can't wait to see what ya'll have in your bag.  
Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see our stranded netflix series!

Here is the schedule for future Let's Talk link ups.... join in!

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