Friday, June 24, 2016

Family Shopping Day

The first morning seeing Daddy!  It was so crazy.  The kids were soo so excited.  However, if you notice that stuff growing on Matt's face.... yah, I am not in love with it.  I guess that is a thing guys do on the ship... and he wants to keep it... I am not sure I can support this decision.  I am secretly trying to get him to trim it, or even shave it down to a goatee.  Something... anything? (crickets)

How gorgeous are these strawberries.  They are from a local strawberry farm.  They are as delicious as they look.  We cut them up on top of our waffles and we threw them in our smoothies.  I LOVE how delicious they are and they are really pretty sitting on top of my counter.

Our shopping day really only started because the boys really needed sneakers.  We will be leaving on vacation and doing a lot of walking so I thought it would be best if they didn't wear their natives the entire time.  I also know Evan will need some for school next year. 

We went with this sneaker for both boys.  Evan loves his and according to him they make him run really fast.  & What Evan does, Ryan does.  So done and done.

Ryan was loving that we willingly took off his shoes in the store.  He does this usually all the time by himself.. and now I think he feels encouraged to do so anywhere.

Next up.. Daddy.. He picked out a pair of sneakers within seconds and he was done.  He also bought a few work out things and while he was trying them on he had a few visitors come in and out of his dressing room.  

Ryan's new thing is hanging on anything that will support his weight... and even on items that don't.  So we always have to be watching him... what will Ry hang on next, is always my state of thought when we are out shopping.

This photo was the other day at Pottery Barn.  He kept hanging on the corner of all the furniture.

How cute is this, he stopped to smell the flowers all by himself.. without even being asked to take a picture. 

Then I hear "mom, take a picture of this" 

I love how his hair is turning so blonde.  Meanwhile, later today I am off to pay a lot of money to help with that sort of thing (sigh)

These boys had a blast shopping and I think Matt's experience at Nike was so easy and surprisingly stress free he decided to hit up a few other stores... with a smile.

People, this is huge.  A day of shopping... willingly with a smile. 

We left the outlets and headed home to swim.  I quickly packed up some towels, threw our suits on and some snacks in the re-play snack stackers and we were out the door.

Evan drove us over to the pool.

(side note: now that Matt is home we have some work to do in the dining room to finish up our reno project.  You can follow that here)

This boy and his hair!  LOVE

Evan had a side of corn with his dinner.

I recently went Gluten Free and it has been surprisingly easy.  I picked up this mix to make with one of my Mix and Match Mama cake mixes.  I made the cinnamon roll and it was so delicious. 

You know how sometimes your food is Pinterest worthy and some times it is not.. This is not.

The boys had a ride on the pony after dinner before bed.

I am off to spend the morning in Boston getting my hair done and other girly things.  Follow along on snapchat if you want to see more.  


Have a great day, see you tomorrow.  It is gorgeous here and I am loving it.

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