Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What I Wore Wednesday

I am linking up with The Pleated Poppy for her weekly What I Wore Wednesday.

We had a few days of warmer weather here in New England, it was summer right around the corner (kinda).  I am excited because at the end of last summer I bought a ton of new shorts at the half yearly sale at Lilly Pulitzer. If you haven't heard, Lilly Pulitzer only goes on sale 2x a year.  January & August.  It is a great time to stock up and you can really get some great deals.

These are the callahan shorts I ordered.  I got them all in a size 4 and they are 5" long.  I think they are a perfect length to be running around chasing a toddler.  Mom appropriate.

I also got this dress and I am so in love.  I got a size 6.  I never ordered a dress from Lilly before but I know they tend to run small so I sized up, and I am so happy I did.  It fit perfectly.  Also, with the sale you can not return, so I really was happy it fit.

I thought spring/summer was right around the corner and then mother nature slowed down.  A lot. It seemed like you never knew if it was going to be warm, cold, rainy, or sunny.... so what I've been wearing has been all over the place.

So with that rainy weather I dug out my hunter boots... I was just so excited to start wearing shorts, and short sleeve tops... then it got cold, and it is wet, and dark and rainy and I'm pouting.  I just want summer..

I talk about these all the time and I love love them! I am also excited to wear them with shorts, whenever that time comes.

I have a love hate relationship with these shoes... I absolutely love the way they look.  But I have to say that they aren't that comfortable... I don't even want to say it out loud... but they aren't.  They always slip off my heal... I am wondering if maybe they are to big.... but if I got a smaller size.. I don't think that they will fit, I think they will be tight... This is the dilemma.. and I think I'll just keep wearing them and hope that things will change.. You know what that is called- insanity.  Why am I using so many periods after my sentences... haha!

How easy is it to get dressed in the morning when Pinterest is putting together your outfit.. I am so thankful for inspiration because before Pinterest I would just open my closet in the morning and stare at it... then reach for yoga pants... My poor mom... What did she do as a mom to 3 littles with no pinterest.... 

If you want help in getting dressed in the morning head on over to Sheafer Told Me To (formerly pinterest told me to) to help you figure out what is in style, what you need to buy right away.... and some outfit inspiration.

Some other items that have been on rotation this week... 

You can't really tell but they are a cute silver mixed in with the baby blue.  

Hey.. guess who can fit into their pre baby crop jeans by J. Brand!!! These are the Selena Crop Bootcut Jean in Lonesome

#OOTD gone toddler

My J.Crew New Balance sneakers in the color salt, J.Crew Sunday Slim Chino (size 4, but feel like they are a little bit big & there is a huge sale, my color is not available) and my Lilly Pulitzer white skipper popover (old)

also- quick note: if you haven't noticed target is really stepping up their wardrobe game...just saying.


  1. Wow! Love the new look of "what I wore"!

  2. you have great taste in shoes!! :) visiting from cappuccino and fashion's linkup!
    xx, Chanda | Birth of a Fashion Blogger


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