Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Recap

What an AWESOME, busy weekend we had.   
We started out Friday with gymnastics.   The kids have a blast and it is usually really difficult to take pictures of them because they won't sit still, not even for a second. 

Nana bought the boys the cutest t-shirts from Janie and Jack.  Evan is wearing a size 3 and I wish we did a 4 because J&J run small.  Ryan is actually wearing a size 2T
(if you notice, Evan is wearing long sleeves under his t-shirt because it is still cold in MAY, yes you read that correct, it is still cold)

She bought both of them these and they are so cute... especially since Daddy is now a Captain. Shirts were so cute I went on their website and bought a few more things for summer.  We used a 15% mother's day coupon and also got free shipping.  win/win.

After gymnastics we headed over to the mall.  I told you guys last week that I ran out of my perfume. I couldn't stand being without anymore so I ran in with both boys, purchased and ran out.  I am so happy to be back in action.

Came home from the mall to a fun package.  I ordered these two shirts and this jacket from J. Crew. 

I got both linen shirts in a size 2 and they fit perfect.  I got the field jacket in a size small.  Luckily for me, we are still cold over here in I can wear it.

Saturday morning train rides.  Evan likes Ryan to be the caboose and they walk all over the house blowing their whistle.

This kid loves playing soldier..... and it works out to my advantage.  I like to make him do pushups and jumping jacks to tire him out and then send him on missions to clean up his toys.  He takes it very seriously and reports back for more.

After breakfast I had a full day planned at the spa.  It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I enjoy every. second. of. it. 

I didn't take many photos because I locked my phone in the locker but I did snag a few.  Here I am rocking my cute white robe and slippers heading into to my first treatment.

In between pampering sessions I went into the room of repose where I drank chamomile tea and snacked on little cookies. 

HA, now first let me say... If you are ever booking a full day at the spa, bring lunch or a salad or something... or you will end up eating all their sugar cookies and then dip into their protein bars.  I did not even think that I would need to eat during the day and I was really hungry but thankfully the spa is owned by a good friend and she didn't mind me eating all her goodies!

When I got home from the spa I had a little cluster of gifts from the kids in the living room.  They were so cute when they were showing me what they picked out.  Just a group of some of my favorite things.  Also, check out that balloon.  Evan picked it out and he was so happy about it.  No, its not my birthday but just all the smiles is the reason for why he wanted it. 

I haven't had soda in so long because of my diet and it is my guilt pleasure.... also oreos and breakfast blend coffee... can't forget some of my favorite marinades.  The picture is so dark because I was trying to photo the moment before I was rushed in to seeing more surprises.

More flowers with some take out from the cheesecake factory.

I love love love the cheesecake factory and my favorite dish to get is the chicken bolagio.  

& more flowers, how lucky am I?!?!  these are gorgeous.

I laughed at this card!

I had an EXTRA special before mothers day mother's day....

Side note:  how cute is this serving dish we got my mother in law?

It is a shell chip and dip bowl from Pottery Barn.  I think she is going to love it.

Sunday Morning we went to church and then came back for a fun cookout with Matt's family.  
We also had some birthday fun to celebrate...

Sunday morning I woke up early before everyone else to enjoy some coffee and some alone time.... 

After the kids woke up it was complete crazy all all day!

We also were celebrating Matt's Uncle's birthday.... so they worked on some cards for him.  We call him Deez.. & it was also Newman's 9th birthday.

We made a nice breakfast!

I did a little cleaning....

I love my new vacuum!

We were baking Deez a cake to celebrate his big day....

We didn't have enough eggs so Matt & Evan had to go out to the coop.

I had a great helper....

It was soooo so so delicious... I can't wait to try the other 100 cakes she created... It was all gone at the end of the night, everyone had seconds.  

That was my weekend.... How was your Mother's Day... I am excited to hear, please comment below and don't forget that this week coming is Stranded.... with books.

Have a great day!

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