Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap: Lake Winnipesaukee

Happy Monday!  It is a bittersweet day because Matt leaves tomorrow for a month of shipping and I will be flying solo.  So much will be happening this month.  Evan will graduate from his pre-school, we will be starting a new swim lesson and horse camp... plus our favorite Thursday playgroup will be ending... we will be finding our new normal.

Brace yourself for a long post and crazy weekend stuff.

Late Thursday night Matt and I decided to surprise the kids and take them to Lake Winnipesaukee for a short vacation.  So we woke up early Friday morning packed our bags & loaded up our boat.  When the kids woke up we told them we were going to New Hampshire and they were so excited.  We love going up there.  A few years ago Matt and I bought some land on top of Alton Mt. in hopes that some day we will retire up there and build our dream home.  The retirement countdown is on!

I am not kidding, I wore this outfit for three days.

Matt usually will send me some stuff in the mail while he is at work because he knows how much I love getting mail... several weeks ago I got a lululemon package.

I told him I was going to start working out more and so he sent some items to help give me incentive... and one of my favorites was this sweatshirt (they don't have my color anymore) and these sweatpants.  He originally ordered me a size 4 but I had to return them for a 6.  I usually wear a 4 but I went up because I wanted the extra room.

So, this was my 3-day uniform.

We put the boat in right next to our favorite restaurant... Shibley's at The Pier (fun fact: we named our dog Shibley after this restaurant & they have the best ice cream EVER)

We get in, get set and shove off... the kids put on their life jackets.  

One kid loves his jacket.... 

The other really did not.

To distract him from wearing it we gave him lots of treats.

Chocolate and Chips! HA

The first hour or so Evan was having fun...

He was helping daddy drive, and doing lots of fishing.

Then all of a sudden he seemed tired and started a fever... it all came on quick... he was laying with me for about an hour or maybe a little more.

This poor kid... he felt terrible.  So we started to head back to shore and get loaded back on the trailer to head up to the cabin.  

Thankfully Ryan was feeling fine... he was able to bring us in.

Seriously, if you didn't watch this kid every second he would have jumped over board.

After a few hours he was not phased at all by his life jacket....

The deck was scattered with so many sand toys and beach pales... 

We got back to the house... gave the kids a bath and a quick supper and put Ryan to bed.... I sat with Evan for a little while watching a movie... and soon he went to bed.  Poor guy was so sick... He actually has never been this sick so I was a little worried... but his fever came down with medicine.

Matt went back out to go get us some dinner... we had these grand plans to go to this restaurant we've been wanting to try called The Rusty Moose but instead we decided on take out Chinese food.... 

We have been coming up to the lake together since 2002 and Matt has been coming up his whole life... and we've always just drove by this restaurant (J.P China) and never thought anything of it... but because of the no dinner situation and not wanting to go to far we decided to call in an order... and OH MY DELICIOUS. I said to Matt I will come up every weekend if we can order take out from here.  I loved it.  We got a pu pu platter for two and an order of pork fried rice and general tso chicken.

SOOOOOO Matt heads down town (which is about 3 miles from the top of the mountain) and several hours later he returns.... with cold Chinese -he ran out of fuel and had to call AAA....

BUT, Seriously... even luke warm/cold the food was amazing... 

As if our day could not get any worse right... well... you are wrong.

Evan was up at midnight puking in our bed.. yay, awesome.. Poor kid though, I hate seeing my kids sick.  Well, we did laundry, changed the bedding, calmed our little guy and went back to sleep... I woke him every 4 hours checking his temp, and giving him tylenol.  

The next morning he woke up and seemed a bit better.... he played with toys, ate a little breakfast... and when we told him we were going home he was really sad because he said he wanted to go out on the boat... 

I checked his temp and it was down so we said well if you think you are feeling better we can go out for a little while... so for the morning and most afternoon he was doing so much better... 

We left the cabin and went down town for coffee and of course donuts....

We love this new coffee place that just opened down town.  I love supporting local businesses.... so we walked up and ordered our coffees, but sadly they ran out of donuts... so in fear of crying kiddos, we bought our coffee and then walked across to Dunkin Donuts for munchkins...

What a beautiful day to be out on the water!

These boys had fun splashing around in our ghetto fabulous kiddie pool (don't worry amazon is already sending a new one)

Great morning starts off with wicked good coffee!

It was pretty warm in the sun but a little chilly when we were going fast... 

I can't wait to take my kids out on the Mt. Washington... I haven't been on it in over 5 years... its time.

We took the boat over to Meredith to get pizza at Giuseppe's.

We love coming here... This pizza place is located at the Inn at Mill's Falls.  (fun fact: I got my beautiful wedding hair and make up done here)

We actually left lunch before our pizza came... right after we received our appetizer because Evan wasn't feeling well....

How delicious does this look....(we ate it while we waited for our check)

As we walked back to our boat -Evan started to cry because we had told him earlier that after supper we would get ice cream... so we said do you want us to get you some and he said yes, so we did..

So... ice cream it is.

So one was sad at the thought of missing out on ice cream... and the other was sad that he had waited so patiently for the pizza to come and didn't get any... so we let him eat his pizza in the ice cream line.


Evan had ice cream for supper.

& Ryan had what he didn't eat.

Then they both played in the sand.

While walking back to the boat, Ryan took a big fall.. and how sweet is this... we caught Evan giving his knee a boo-boo kiss.

My sweet boys!! xox

Ryan is crazy... 

Evan was sleeping most of the way back and I was entertaining this maniac.

All he wanted to do was pull the blankets off his brother and pull his hair.

(I am going to invest in a better boat hat??? any suggestions.  This is Matt's visor that I stole and wore all weekend... I need my sun protection device)

The last hour looked like this!  My poor baby... was feeling terrible.  (I should also add that I had called the pediatrician earlier this day and she asked that I come in on Sunday... so that is what we planned on doing)

We left the mountain early Sunday morning and headed back home.

We stopped for breakfast...

& Ryan ate crackers and orange marmalade.... hey... its fruit right?

jk- he had french toast... but this kept him busy for the hour wait it took...

We brought Evan to the doctors and they did a rapid strep test... and yes.. sure enough. My suspicions were correct... After the doctors we stopped by to get popsicles and antibiotics.. 

Evan had a bath, and sat in his chair eating strawberry popsicles until bed... I am hoping a good 24-hours on antibiotics should bring this guy some energy.

That was our crazy weekend.... although Evan was sick we still had fun.  It will always be one of those weekends we talk about... but we are looking forward to a redemption trip next hitch.

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