Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Show & Tell- Favorite Vacation

Hi- yay- celebrate! we made it through Monday.

Today I am linking up with Andrea from momfessionals to talk to you about my favorite vacation.  This is really hard because before we had kids Matt and I would travel a lot.  We still do a fair amount of stuff with the kids but lets be honest... it is not the same.  I am hoping once we are out of the baby stage, the fork throwing at dinner stage, & the "mom, Ryan's touching me" stage- we can step up our vacay game.

I think my most favorite vacation would be to Aruba... 

The first time we went we stayed at the Divi Divi... it was an all inclusive resort.  We loved it... 

A few years later we decided to plan another trip and decided against the all inclusive... instead we rented a condo.  We went to the local grocery store and bought food so we were able to cook ourselves but still went out for drinks and dinner.  I think the second time going would be my favorite because that is when we got engaged.... oh how young we were.

I showed off my ring in almost every picture we took #sorrynotsorry

Oh My, how young we were!

One day we rented jeeps and toured the island several different ways.  We rented a jeep, we did an ATV tour and we also went on horseback.  We loved each tour.  One of the stops was the natural pool.  I am not going to tell you I was this adventurous soul jumping off the side into the pool.  UM NO.  I also told Matt I did not want him jumping in either HA, it just seemed scary with the waves crashing in.. crashing people into the rocks.  No thanks, I enjoyed the view from up top.

We went and saw the natural bridge... although I don't think it is there anymore. I think it came down, which is to bad because it was really neat.  I am glad I got the chance to see it.

We were told to make reservations at The Flying Fishbone... so during one of our jeep tours we decided to drive there and check it out during the day.  It was close and to be honest it actually looked a little scary and some place I would not want to eat.  However, we were told that we HAVE to go, so we made the reservations and went.

& I am so glad we did... It was this gorgeous transformed beautiful paradise that served the most delicious food.  The tables were legit on the beach, some even in the water... the ambiance was amazing.  I tell everyone that they MUST come to this restaurant if you are traveling to Aruba.. just don't look at it during the day... 

We took the jeep to see this lighthouse.  It was really cool. 

I would go back to Aruba every year if Matt would let me... Every year when we plan our trip I say Aruba... but he wins.. and we try other places... but don't worry Aruba.. I'll be back.

& I will bring my crazy kids... and they will love it just as much.

Also- a close second...

-where we had our honeymoon!

We also drove over to Aspen to check it out.. but Colorado in September was beautiful... 

Where we stayed....

The hot springs... they were really cool.

We drove to Colorado in an RV for our honeymoon... planning to bring home our first baby.
We met with a breeder out there after a lot of research... and we came home with 54pound Newman.

We have been very lucky to have been able to travel as much as we have and because of that I am beyond grateful for all the time I can spend with my family having fun... all of these memories/vacations are my favorite..

Trips to the Vineyard on the big boat....

Yearly trips to Florida...

Jet trips to Key West

I was 4 months pregnant with Evan here.... awwwww memories.  morning sickness.  

Weekends on the Cape

Lake Days

Boat trips to Wellfleet

OMG, I literally gave birth the next day.... thankfully we made it off the boat just in time.

Give birth one day, take the baby on the boat the next day.

Trips to Cuttyhunk

4th of July trips on the boat....  Yah, Evan was pretty serious about the lobster he just ate.

Weekends on the mountain.. ice cream at Shibleys.

I think Ryan was 4 weeks here.... soooo small.

My kids learned to drive at a young age.

I think everyone was afraid I would go into labor with these waves.... nope - didn't work.

I think my most favorite vacations are the ones spent on our boats with my boys... 

Thanks for following along... and if you want to check out last Show & Tell post you can do so here.

Next Show and Tell we will be talking about -whats in your bag... Oh man, this will be good!  Don't miss it.


  1. These trips looks like so much fun! Your kids are adorable too! Nothing cuter than a kid on a boat! We are taking our boys to the beach for the first time this weekend!

  2. Oh, I love all the pictures. What fun trips you've had. :)


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