Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hitch Goals

It is that time.. where I fly solo for the next month and I have a list of things I want to accomplish before this hitch is over.  If you want to see what I did or didn't accomplish last hitch you can read them here.. 

clean car
register for summer swim lessons
organize kids closet/drawers
schedule appointments
workout/cardio schedule
lose 4 pounds
dining room hutch decor
polish kitchen cabinets
simplify kids toys/books
paint bathroom trim downstairs
new crocs

YIKES< my list is long but I feel motivated and I have a month to get this stuff done... funny part about this is that I have some of the same items on this list as I did my last and I am still doing them.  I know that before I wanted to go through my kids clothes and break out summer stuff but then we were hit with this arctic air and I really wasn't able to send them outside with shorts even though the calendar was telling me it was spring... but now, now I am feeling the warmth baby and I am so loving it.

Guys- this actually is clean for my car right now.  Usually you can't even see out the back.  I am always taking stuff out to put stuff in, and I have to plan my grocery shopping or else I would have no room in my trunk.

Word to the wise, don't buy white car seats.. They will never be white after the day you install them.  Even if you are telling yourself right now, "I won't let my kids eat in the car" you will, and you will regret it.. not only did I buy one car seat that was white, I bought two bc I wanted them to match.. & boy do they match.  They both have spilled raspberry smoothies, crushed strawberries..... chocolate brownies and munchkin donuts.  UGH, why do I do this to myself. 

This is real life.  The pictures don't even do the car justice.  Those are cranberries you see, mixed with  crushed pretzels and soggy gold fish.

The back of my seat needs a good cleaning... Evan won't leave his feet off and it is so dirty from all the rain we had.

So yes, clean the car. is on my hitch goal, again... why you ask, because I keep doing the same thing over and over.. I give my kids food in the car even though I know it is not a good idea... and each time I clean the car I tell myself I will not give them food in the car LOL! why do I torture myself. 

Register Evan for summer swim! - yes def. doing that.  Last session I waited to long and I couldn't get the time slot I wanted so I am going to do this on the 31st as that will be the first day for registration and I want to get the best time slot in the outdoor pool because DUH, summer & how awesome will that be to sit in the sun for a half hour while he swims.

Organize kids closet & drawers... I also need to donate stuff that I know that they won't wear and honestly they have way to much stuff.  I don't even get through the entire pile of shirts before the laundry is done and being folded back on the top of the pile...therefor the little cute stuff at the bottom just never gets worn.  So I will go through and pick only the cutest and cleanest and donate the rest.  I hate to donate stained or rip clothes so I try to really go through them but then I think well, its not that bad I will let someone else decide if they want them because who can resist free... the one thing I need to get for them is summer pajamas... and I am really loving these styles.

We are busting at the seams with clothes overload.  This is Ryan's drawer.  Long sleeves mixed with fleece pants, shorts, capris, and corduroys.  

The boys share one dresser... Ryan's clothes were so small at first it really wasn't necessary to have two... now that his clothes are getting bigger I am running out of room.  We will get them each a dresser when we redo their room this fall.  So for now, they each have two drawers and they share a top drawer for socks, underwear and misc. items like bathing suits and sun hats.

Fleece pajamas with summer pajamas... 
Yesterday it was 60 during the day & cooler at night, and we woke up this morning and it was cool in the morning but now a blazing 85... it is so hard to dress these kids. 

Top drawer chaos.

So embarrassed to even show you this closet.  I just redid it last hitch.  Now, its a full blown disaster... see the issue is that our attic is a door inside their closet... and inside the closet is a big bassinet and a bunch of other bins... plus just recently I put in the space heater we use during the winter and the extra dining room chairs that we aren't using in the dining room... I figure if I put it in the closet that is one step closer to the attic.. only problem is that I have to take it all out of the closet to reach the attic.  No worries, I will get it done this hitch. 

At least the top half of the closet is organized... I have everything sectioned off from Evan to Ryan.
Shoes, blankets, beach towels and random stuff, well that is another story.

Schedule Appts.  OK, I need to do this, I keep forgetting and I am so overdo for a cleaning... and my hair needs a trim.. Ryan's hair needs a trim around the ears... my dogs need a bath and Shib's needs a shave... I have to get Matt in for a physical next time home and also a cleaning... Ryan and Evan's yearly's are coming up this summer and I have to rearrange the dates a bit (why do they ask you to make an appt a year in advance.. as if I know what I am going to be doing) so of course we now will be on vacation during said scheduled visit so a lot of rearranging is in order.. plus what other appts. did I need to get scheduled.... I already forget.  I knew I shouldn't have wrote "schedule appts"

So I went to Target and I was all excited to get a planner and I picked this one and thought, oh awesome, it is June 2016-July 2017... PERFECT.... I came home, got out the phone, started making these appts... and then all of a sudden when I went to enter in all our dates... I realize that the dates are July 2016-June 2017.... WHO DOES THAT.... this will not do me any good now I have to wait an entire month to use the planner.

WORKOUT- yes this goes hand in hand with losing 4pounds... I got down to my most comfortable weight last month and I was really happy with it, and of course I know a lot of it had to do with having the stomach bug, but hey... I want to get back.. so I want to hit hard my high protein diet, work out double the amount I was which was NONE and also drink wayyyyy more water than I was... and I think by the end of the hitch... I could hit that 4pound mark... will you do it with me, I need motivation :)

I ordered a few new things to help me get motivated... because if not fitting into your shorts is enough of a reason... wearing cute new work out clothes is!

Dining Room Decor- yes I need a few things.  I think I remember I told you about these wine glass racks that I loved so much from Pottery Barn.  Well, when we were taking them off the wall some of them cracked... the awesome manager Peter at the Chestnut Hill location told me to bring them in and they will change them out for me.  So I hope that I can get into the city to do that, sans kids. I also want to look for a table runner and maybe some cute chargers.. I have my eye on a few but I am really waiting for a sale or an awesome coupon... plus I need to pick up my curtains from the cleaners.  I had them hemmed and pressed... I would still love to order a new light but I am holding off... I have a lot of pinning to do about what I want the inside of the hutch to look like because Matt will be finishing that next hitch home.. other than that I think we are looking pretty good.  I have another bench being delivered this week... at first when I ordered the table I really only wanted one bench, and the rest chairs but I love the look so I got the second one and I will see how it looks after it is all said and done.

Everyone once in a while I need a good declutter... even if its opening a junk drawer, going through and tossing random stuff... seriously, sometimes when I open a drawer and see half burnt birthday candles... that are no longer even in one piece but are cracked and broken, it really drives me to walk around opening drawers and cabinets and tossing stuff that is broken, missing parts, or just something we don't use. I love that feeling of having less stuff, and I think I will do that this hitch.. purging for summer is the best.. because it is a time where you aren't in the house all that much so your husband might not even notice some of the stuff you get rid of.  

Our playroom is a work in progress... I ordered this cameron cubby system for the kids and we still don't have baskets but they will be coming this hitch, yah,s hopefully, but I don't want to jinx it.  However, since we don't have baskets the kids are putting things away randomly, losing pieces to games and other parts to their toys.. so I want to pair up all the items that go together, find all the missing balls to the games, gather all the bullets to the nerf gun.... simplify and make room. I need to see what I can bring upstairs for them to use in their bedroom and what toys can be donated. I asked Evan's preschool if they are in need of anything and they said yes so I will bring some stuff to the church.  I also want to go through their books.  We have SO many books and they are all wonderful but really, what good is a book if the end of the story is ripped out and I know we have a few books like that.  There is nothing worse than having two tired kiddos intently listening to an amazing story only to find out there is no end... and then we have huge meltdowns before bed.. not cool mom!

If you are an organized person who thrives on everything being neat and orderly... we will be friends. If you are an organized person who thrives on everything be shoved behind a closed closet door to prevent you from seeing it, well we would be BEST friends.

Pottery Barn Kids is sending baskets... reinforcements are coming... but until then we just manage.

Really though, it is to the point that I tell the kids that they can't open the hutch to get toys in fear that the toys will all come crashing down on their head.

& if you ever asked me where the balls are for these games.. well, your guess would be as good as mine.

We just pile them in... as much as we can fit.

The books need to be sorted.  

The baskets in the bookcases need to be organized and cleaned.  Last week, I found an old sippy cup of milk.  YES.. GROSS, I know.

This is the catalina book shelf (similar) from PBK.  I love it... However I need to sort these books and rotate out the old and in with the new... I am pretty sure Giraffes Can't Dance has been read about 194,394,3043 times.

Also, The Kissing Hand... is the best book, ever.  You will love it, get it if you've never read it with your kids.

I am going to paint the bathroom trim downstairs.  I was going to tell Matt that I was going to do this but I knew he would never believe me so I didn't.  I will just surprise him.  It just needs to be done and I know it will look so much better so I will just put the kids to bed and spend an hour or two getting it done.  

Kids need new crocs... especially Evan since his are so much smaller he can't even close the heel portion of the croc, his little foot hangs off the end.  He loves wearing them so I need to make my way down to the outlets to get another pair.  

These are so cute!

I need to work on my garden. I will do that this weekend.. we are going to have some nice weather and I am going to take advantage.  Do you have any tips, would love to hear them?  Also, I think I want to do a strawberry plant?  I never did berries but I want to... 
I also need to put flowers in my front windows... I have three boxes that I put geraniums in ever year... I don't know why but I love the smell of geraniums.  Some people think they smell bad, but I love them..

Celery from last year.

Our pole beans were out of control last year.

I have a lot to accomplish this hitch but feel motivated to get it all done.. Feel free to check on my progress, I won't be offended if you tell me I am slacking... 

Thank you for reading and stop by tomorrow to read about my Friday Favorites... if you have been following me on snapchat (LorFerruch) you already had a sneak peak....

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