Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites

 As always I am linking up with some of my favorite ladies to bring you my favorites of the week. 

We had such a crazy busy week its hard to believe it is already Friday.  However I am happy to report  that we see the sun... & we are feeling the heat.  I am so excited.. bring it on summer :)


Evan does pre school two days a week... he goes Monday and Wednesday from 9-3.  I love love love his teacher and her family and so does he... so when we found out that she was not going to be running her pre school program next year I was devastated.... 

Evan always looked forward to going to school to see his friends and play and it was so awesome to see how he was learning.  I know that this is the best decision for her family and I am so happy for her.. but on the inside I was panicking.  We are in May and most all of the schools near-by were fully booked and all the kids in town were registered for their next year programs and here I am just starting now to think about a new school.

Talk about stress.

But.... then I was guided and I am happy to say we chose an amazing program for Evan next year... 

Evan is going to be going to our church as they also run a pre-school program and it is amazing.  He will go Monday & Wednesday from 9-1 and Friday's from 9-12... It will be an adjustment for sure but I am hoping with the similar setting of his Sunday School and the familiarity of the building he will do well... I am excited and nervous for this new adventure.  I also am going to have to get used to our new schedule, so we all will be adjusting... 

Lets be real though.. this is all he will care about.


We belong to the YMCA in our town and it is so nice... Evan also does swim lessons there once a week and I work out (sometimes) ha but we still are frequent visitors of the Y several times a week and we usually hit up their indoor playground the NAZ (nature activity zone) when it is raining out.

Well, they have been building an outdoor pool and splash pad... I think it is going to be amazing.  I know that the boys will love it... It will be so fun to head over to the Y early morning to do a spin class, play for a minute on the playground and then spend the day over at the pool.... I hope that they move their swim lessons to the outdoor pool in the summer because how nice will that be...
The pool and all its amenities will be opening up this month... & we can't wait.


We are finishing up our dining room... we did all the caulking, taping, and spraying the last two days.

Here is what I know.

I should have worn a hat... I should have worn eye protection, and I should have worn shoes.

I got white paint all over my eyebrows and eyelashes, my hair looks grey from the fine mist of the spray gun.. and when you look in front of the light it looks like it is snowing...

However, using a spray gun to paint any room makes it so so so much faster... but be sure to tape EVERYTHING....  We now need to do some work on the heating vents and move around a few light switches.. but we are in good shape.  I hope that by this weekend we can actually eat on a table rather than an outdoor picnic or sitting at a kids table in the playroom.


We have a few new friends to add to our flock.  They were born right after Easter.  They are so cute.  

They are a few weeks old but still need time before they are integrated into the coop.

The boys already love waking up and checking them out every morning.... and can't wait to get their eggs in a couple months...


We bought Evan his first bike this week.... He has been asking and we figured it was about time.  We took him to the store and he picked out The Lion Guard bike...

He couldn't wait to bring it home and assemble it.  He rode it around our kitchen for a while.

Then at 5:45am came into our room to ask if he could go out and ride his bike... so we grabbed our coffees and headed out for our first bike ride... He did awesome and he was so happy with himself. 

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  1. We've been talking about getting chickens for what seems like forever - your little chicks are so cute! Ah! We're supposed to be getting a splash pad around here as well and I'm SO EXCITED!


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