Thursday, May 12, 2016

Before & After Bathroom Reveal

The 1st floor bathroom was baby blue (but a dated baby blue) when we first moved in and we painted it lenox tan.... We figured we would throw a couple coats up, hang some decor and be done. (in this picture we hadn't yet put back the pedestal sink)

A year later we decided to add some wall paper and wainscoting.  We picked a primitive paper and stained the natural color wood just a deeper brown.

The bathroom is really small so we didn't have enough room for a double vanity.  We got the smallest size sink (18" sink w/ vanity storage) and picked white to match the new toilet we put in.  We took off the trim around the window and we wanted to add something a little more ornate....

Fast forward a few years and we still didn't have trim around the window.... I didn't mind that much because we did have curtains that hid the unfinished work but it always bothered me.  

After Evan was born (I think he was 5-6 months) when I said to Matt that I needed a change.  I wanted a more updated look with brighter colors... Along with a newer updated look I wanted a different decor... 

The only room in our house that was updated was Evan's room... (which I will eventually do a before/after reveal of his room)  We were not sure if Evan was boy/girl so we chose to do a neutral room with green and yellow -shocker right?!?  We ordered pottery barn kids furniture... the cutest rustic farmhouse style crib with changing table... plus we also had a full size bed in his room for co-sleeping and we did the cutest green gingham with polka dotted sheets... I was really hoping that our house would eventually match the style decor we used in Evan's room... so thus the home renovation was born... 

Our first stop was to update our bathroom.... (we are in the planning process of adding an additional bathroom upstairs) but before that we only had one shower and it was on the first floor so I wanted it to be nice... originally the shower stall was an overlay of plastic material that looked dated and discolored.... 

I really wanted something that was updated and light with color... so we went with this tile... Matt installed the tile, did the grout work and also created a shelf for our shampoo and other products... It was great because he really catered to my size shampoo bottles to make the shelf.

We kept the existing tub since it was so heavy and Matt sprayed it with tub paint liner to change it from cream/beige color to white.

We ripped up the old tile, prepped the floor for new tile that would eventually match our kitchen flooring.

It was kinda crazy working in this space because it is so small. 

We chose a shower head that allowed us to detach from the wall and bring down to easily rinse the kids... and let me tell you, best idea ever....

Our only regret was not putting in two of these shelves.... usually my products take up the most space but we are so happy we did what we did... it also keeps items out of reach of the kids.. it is nice not to have to use the corners of the tub to hold products.

I snagged this wall cabinet at home goods... it has a few shelves inside to hold toiletry items.  I also use the top shelf for mostly decorative purposes but could be used to hold towels and extra wash cloths.

This mirror is the same mirror we used in our old bathroom.  I just restrained it with a darker wood stain.  I love the dark look against the light colored walls.  It is hard to see but we used benjamin moore tsunami sky.... 

& how cute is this pinterest idea for my soap... it makes it really easy to see when I need to stock up.  I actually have pinterest success- finally!!! :)

The wall sconces are from pottery barn.  On their website they show them facing down but because we have such a small room I wanted them to face up.... I think it brightens the room.

The towels and wash cloths are from pottery barn but they don't make them anymore.  I am so bummed because I got bleach on some and I really love them....

The hand wash is from Williams Sonoma and smells soo so good.  It is pink grapefruit.

This was the boys first and third year pictures.... I love that they are wearing spring colors and this rustic background is perfect for the bathroom.  I got this frame at home goods and I think its a perfect match to the mirror. 

The floor is tile from Lowe's and is made to look like wood.. it is the same tile we chose for our kitchen.  Although I love the look of the dark against the white trim it really does show everything... so if you have a Saint Bernard do not get this floor... and please tell your friends... I wish someone told me.

The boys use these pottery barn kids bath towels.  

Evan is the lion and Ryan is the lamb.  They are so cute.

The shower curtain is from pottery barn.  It is a porcelain blue waffle curtain and it is old.  Restoration Hardware has a similar one. 

I was walking through home goods when I was pregnant with Evan and I spotted this stool.  I loved it and I knew Matt would to.  I had no idea if I was having a girl or boy but either way I knew Matt would still love it... deep down I had a feeling I was having a boy so I bought it.... months later... a baby boy arrived... who later grew to love hanging out in Daddy's backhoe.

This is the smallest project that we've completed thus far.... this journey is long, its hard and it is well worth it... 

We are working on so much more and still have a long road to go.. I would love to say we are enjoying every second of it but some days we are just wiped out.. but when we can finally sit back and look at our work we are very happy.... without my husband's ability I think we would be lost...


  1. Beautiful!I'm so impressed with your design skills, thanks for sharing

  2. beautiful makeover and very inspiring!

  3. it looks absolutely beautiful! Great job.


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