Monday, April 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Good Morning Monday!  We are starting off our spring break week with the Boston Marathon.  I live in the town over where they start the race.  It is always really crazy around here on Monday.  They shut down a lot of the roads throughout the connecting towns and there is a lot of people.  Some of the top runners come see the kids in the schools and it is just an exciting time for all.  That being said I am sure everyone is connected somehow to the Boston bombing that took place.  I know that I am.   I am sending positive thoughts your way and good luck to all the runners on this special day.  

Before I jump in to telling you all about our weekend I want to tell you that I finally am fully recovered from the stomach bug.  UGH.  Let me tell you.  It was rough.  I sent Evan to school and I called our nursery school teacher at church to see if she was free to take Ryan for the day.  Thank you Kristen!!!  wouldn't have been able to survive the day without the help.  Having the stomach bug is the worst ever.  I am so glad that I am fully 100% now.

Matt sent me these.  They smell so good.  These balloons were quickly confiscated by two littles.

When you can't reach the balloons, you find other ways.

My sweatshirt is from J.Crew but it is sold out.  My jeans are Spanx and I am wearing a size 26.  LOVE LOVE these jeans.  They are old but here is a similar style and color and they are on sale right now for $75.  My sneakers are J.Crew in the color salt.  I am wearing a size 6 and they run true to size.  They are really comfortable.  

I have to share this with you.  This instant age rewind concealer is amazing.  I love that you just turn the dial and the product comes right out onto its own sponge tip.  It is so lightweight.  It doesn't cake or crease around your eyes.  It is so smooth and it is so affordable.  It also has so many shades so you will have luck finding one to match your skin.  I have about 10 concealers and all of them are "eh" but I love this and I picked it up at target.  Some days this is all I use plus a little blush and chapstick.  Done.

Every morning Ryan hides waiting for Evan to come down.  & every morning its always in the same spot.  

Our town does a little playgroup on Fridays for free during the winter months.  My kids love it.  Everyone is so friendly and there is so much for them to do.  They also offer a snack and read a story.  Sometimes they will even have vendors providing recipes for dishes or someone selling books.  Sadly this was our last class until next year.  We love coming and we will be back.

Evan built a road out of puzzle pieces and was doing starfish pencils' (aka jumping jacks)

Then his brother came and started to take down his road.   #becausethatiswhatlittlebrothersdo

After playgroup we had gymnastics.  It is about a 25 minute drive so both boys got in a little cat nap.  It is so awesome now that Ryan can participate in these play groups.  He is just old enough to understand what is going on, play along and follow his big brother.  This day in particular these two were up to no good! running around and being crazy.  I love Miss. Amy, she is the best teacher and is so nice and welcoming.  We've been coming to her classes since before Ryan was born.  

After gymnastics we headed to the market.  We have some distracted drivers right here.  

Ahhh Friday -  always such a busy day.

I picked up some flowers at the market.  Evan picked these out and I think he did a great job.

We got a little pint of berries.

When you are trying to edit photos early Saturday morning while being chased by a race car.  


We got dressed to go to the Farmer's Market with some friends.

My hooded sweatshirt is from J.Crew. It is old but here is a similar style. My jeans are Spanx but they are not in stock and my Tom's are old.  Similar style here.

This watch is old but I still love it.  Here is a similar style.

We went to meet my friend Andrea and her sweet son Camden.  This was my first time at this market and it was so cute, we will certainly be back.

How pretty are these flowers?  Come to find out the farm that supplies these beauties is in my little town.  I talked to the farmers and we were invited to come walk their nature path whenever we wanted.  Walk through a field of flowers?  oh yes I will.

After the market we went upstairs to the Birch Tree Bread Co. 
& it was delicious.  I totally went out of my comfort zone and ordered something I wouldn't normally order and it was amazing.  I got the Vermonter.  It is applewood smoked bacon & cabot sharp cheddar cream cheese with an apple maple chutney and housemade pancetta lardons on challah bread! 

OH, I can't wait to go back just for that.

We got the boys grilled cheese.  But it was not an ordinary grilled cheese, it had all this extra yummy goodness inside.. and the boys did not appreciate that but we sure didn't mind eating the extras.

Camden and Evan were all smiles.

Ryan was thinking about sleep.

We took home two bags of spinach, 4 huge apples, 3 sweet potatoes and a jar of cocoa vanilla granola.

J.Crew Sunday Slim Chino now on sale / Sperry Ivy Fish Boat shoe now on sale
Lilly Pulitzer hooded sweater old

We started our Sunday morning off to a lazy start with pancakes and then got dressed for church.  I threw this on and we were out the door.  

We always drop Ryan off in the nursery and then Evan and I head upstairs.  He usually is with me for the first 15 minutes and then the children are invited up for the children's sermon.  They are then dismissed to their classes.  

He can't read yet but he insists I always turn to the right page and he follows along.

It was a gorgeous day.  The weather was so warm so we spent the rest of the day outside riding bikes.

For dinner I made a roasted maple pork tenderloin.  It was delicious.

That was our weekend.  We got some extra special news from Matt.  He is going to be coming home this hitch early.  The boys will be so excited.  I still have so much to do before he gets home.  I will be busy today.  Have a fabulous week.

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