Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning started off strong with t-ball pictures!  

He is so excited to play!  

After t-ball we came home for lunch.  Evan had his friend Chase come to play and they are just the cutest together.  They've been friends since they were 3 weeks old!! :)

We are in for some serious trouble with thing one and thing two!

We love our Chase!

For supper we went up to Matt 's parents house.  They live right up the road.  We were making pizzas.  Evan loves eating the dough raw and all its toppings... its his most favorite part, so by the time the pizza is cooked and cooled, he's full! 

After we ate pizza Evan and Ryan thought it would be a good idea to crawl through the dog dish.

Ryan wasn't loving it after Evan tried taking him for a ride around the kitchen.

Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast and got ready for church.  I am working on taking pictures of my outfits, and let me tell you- it is not easy.  This shirt is from J.Crew and is old but I have found some similar styles for you here and here.

I love this Kendra Scott necklace.  I wish I had more colors but for now this is the only color I have. I love to add this to any shirt for an extra pop of color.  

One necklace I wear every day is my E & R necklace from Alex Woo.  I actually got this at Nordstrom but it doesn't look like they are carrying it anymore.  However, I think that Matt actually got the R right from the Alex Woo website.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace.  I never take it off.  

I have the mini 16" chain.  It is a diamond cut chain which means it always SPARKLES, and that is my most favorite part.  It never looses its shine.  I swim with it, and wear it in the shower.  It is also pretty strong.  

I have the mini letters and they are just so special to me.  

The pants are from Spanx.  I love Spanx.  I started buying Spanx bras when I was pregnant with Evan.  I found this bra at A Pea in the Pod, it was so comfortable & I needed comfort.  This is my saving grace.  It is called the Bra-llelujah, and for good reason.  So after I had Evan I needed to get a few more bras and headed into the store... UM, I discovered they made jeans.  I had to try some on.  I needed some extra tug and hug and fell in love with their jeans and leggings...  I am wearing the 5 pocket high rise super skinny legging in lapis night, and right now they are on sale for only $58!!! I have them in black also.

The shoes are Tom's Desert Wedge Bootie and they are super comfortable.

I got this crossover cuff a long time ago and it doesn't look like David Yurman is carrying it on their site.  However, they do have this one with diamonds which is gorgeous.

The blue chalcedony mosaic bracelet is not sold anymore and is discontinued.  They actually did away with this stone because over time the blue starts to fade.  I got this a few years ago but they did come up with a similar type style with a darker metal.  It is that same chunky feel.  It is gorgeous!

I just love love love this style but I am glad I stuck with the two rows as I think that it might just be a bit bulky.

Here is the same bracelet in black onyx.  

This is the Chatelaine Bracelet with 18k Gold Dome and Black Diamonds.  This bracelet is the current similar style.  You can find it here...

We were having a baptism done at church and it is always so nice to watch.  The kids were asked to come up and witness and it was just beautiful.  After the baptism the kids went downstairs to school.  

Evan loves the meditation part of class.  It is so cute watching him do his breaths.

After church we had my nieces 9th birthday party at Sky Zone.  They had a blast jumping.  It was really hard to take a picture of them, they would not sit still.  

The birthday girl!  My God Daughter- who is now 9 years old (sigh)

I changed into my new sneakers I mentioned in my Friday Favorites and they certainly are comfortable!

I am wearing a size 6 and I think they fit true to size.

That sums up our weekend, hope you guys had a great one as well.  I am really looking forward to some nicer weather- bc spring break is coming up and it really doesn't feel like spring over here.

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