Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday

I just joined this blogging world and I know there is still so much you don't know so I thought every now and then I'll throw in some old photos of us.  Now forgive me for the random order of it all, and for the mediocre photos.. 

This is Evan on his first day of preschool (for the second year)

Evan's car stalled, what's a guy to do, right?!

& don't ever steal his pepperoni- he will not be happy with you.

This blonde hair though! xo

Lets jump down south for some Florida sunshine.

Then back up north for another snow storm.

Matt's ship schedule is what it is, no matter what.  So if he's going to be on the ship during Thanksgiving, well you just celebrate it early.  We celebrate all our holidays whenever Matt is home.. We may not always celebrate them on the same date.  Some people can't understand, but that is our normal. Matt will never miss a holiday with his family, & my boys will never spend a Christmas without their Daddy.  We always make it work.  

I love that he wears his hat backwards, its adorable.

This boy and his chickens.

Do you guys remember snap bracelets?  Evan is obsessed, proof on the leg.

He never met a swing he didn't like.

My baby turned 1- whaaaat

We took him to Story Land for a 3-day adventure... It was awesome, the boys had a blast.  We will be back Story Land.

I loved this blonde hair while it lasted.

This is very second child like.  We lost a shoe and sock in petco, we never washed his face after his pizza and he should be wearing a coat and hat... it is winter after all.

If you put him in a back pack, he's happy.

& he loves baskets.

One of these kids loves that he's swinging, the other- not so much.  #boredbigbrother

Why can't they make self propelling swings, so moms can sit and watch, you know -take a break.

This family of mine.....

These boys of mine... 

They are my everything!

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