Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stranded with.... Medicine Cabinet

I am linking up today with Shay from Mix and Match Mama and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything.  We are talking about some of the items we would bring with us on a deserted island.  This week, it is 3 items from our medicine cabinet.  

Lets take a moment to recognize that this isn't a real situation.  This is only a drill, which is why it took me several trips to and from the cabinet to look, compare, and think about what I would take... If this was a real situation I might as well have nothing because I will be panicking.  I also would like to know, am I by myself on this island?  If so, I probably would bring items like isopropyl rubbing alcohol to treat wounds, or maybe I would bring pain reliever/fever reducing medicine... However, if I am stranded with Matt I would bring fun items like my R&F micro paste to give myself facials, my night serum or moisturizing lotion... maybe even my texturizing spray.  I know that if I was with Matt he would have a fire going, food cooking and probably a house built out of palms and it actually would turn into a vacation and I wouldn't want to leave.  

First things first.

I was easily able to identify the first.  Excedrin.  I get the worst headaches ever, and I always remember to take a few with me wherever I go so yah, duh, of course I would take with me to an island.  

After that, it was a real toss up.  I need chapstick every day of my life so theres that.

& I am not messing around, I'll be medicated.

This is the sunscreen in the cabinet.  I would have liked it to have fragrance because then I could at least pretend it was some sort of lotion.  I hate the feel of sunscreen on my hands.  

Those are the three things: excedrin, chapstick & sunscreen

What would you bring?  I am looking forward to hearing how much smarter you are than me with this, comment below or link up with Shay or Erika.

See below for the rest of the topics now through December.


  1. I'm laughing so hard!! Apparently I assumed there would be someone there to build us houses and make dinner! Ha! I'm bringing my R and F so I'll be happy to share. :). Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I cant live without Chapstick on a daily so that's a great one

  3. I can't live with out my headache medicine, but I forgot to add it to my list! Hopefully you'll share, & I will share my hair products :)

  4. I totally forgot about bringing any type of medicine! Oops!

  5. Sunscreen, why didn't I think of that!?!?!? Oops!!!


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